Sunday, April 26, 2015

Migraines and Evil Knieval Rides Again...............

Yesterday was the pits!

I woke up with the alarm. Big Gazza had been to Dawn Service for ANZAC. Somewhere I lost a good 15 minutes in 'getting ready' time and when Gaz came home I was still sipping a coffee and eating my healthy homemade Granola, Greek yoghurt and yummy fresh raspberries. He grabbed my little bike, I grabbed a couple of Dextro shots ad my helmet and he drove me to meet the boys for our Saturday ride. I knew I would be in for a ribbing at being driven, but that was better than me riding at breakneck speed to still be late.

We headed off for a round the lake trip. I sat on the back the whole time listening to the boys give each other the usual hell that they subject each other to and me trying desperately to warm up. By about 15kms the legs finally started to turn over freely. It was pretty fresh out and I think that contributed, and I had done a run 2 days earlier so the legs were a bit tired. We got round ok and we went our old course as the road works had finally opened the road. Out on Calderwood Rd, which is a back road that has farms littered along it and receives very little love from council other than the occasional rough patch job to fill the gaping holes in the road. But with the heavy rains we have had over the past week, the potholes had been exposed and some were so bad you could easily break your neck if you landed in one. And I guess I almost did about 4 times. There were some pretty nervous and outta control bike handling skills as I dodged, weaved, jumped and willed myself over and through a serious of potholes, that when I was still upright and moving forward afterwards left me not only surprised but the adrenalin was raging and I felt a little sick at the thought of what might have happened. But before I even had chance to settle down again, we were dodging another hole that literally took up half the road. With a milk truck bearing down on us all I could do was hang on as I skimmed the rim of the chasm and screamed for Roberto to look out as he was behind me and I would have been blocking his view. I heard a deep whoaaaa and then a whew.

Finally home with only just over 50kms done, I lay on the floor recovering. I didn't feel too bad, just happy to stop. I had sat on the back the entire way because I was conserving energy for what was supposed to be an 80km bike ride today to Garrie. That's not going to happen!

Kez, far right, Jess 4 back same file
With a bite to eat including a weird concoction of a smoothie, we watched the ANZAC Sydney march on TV and finally spied Kez and Jess. So proud of our girls. Kez looks so smart in her uniform. I can't believe how wonderful she has grown up. A mum just couldn't ask for anything more.

After the march we headed to Bunnings and then started work in the garden. I just couldn't operate. My head was banging, my eyes were stinging. I finally told Gazza I was having a snooze and shortly after was punching out Zzzzzz's. I woke up and the world had gone grey again with Gazza racing to mow lawns before the rain. The rest of the day was spent sitting on the lounge with a massive headache and a stiff neck.

Wearing her medals & her Great Grandads medals
I think the neck was from  the ride. Turtle neck, even though I didn't spend much time at all in the tri-bars. And the headache???? Perhaps from the exercise, maybe lack of water, maybe the neck, maybe lack of sugar. I'm not sure, but 4 Panadols to shift it is not the norm.

This morning is grey and wet and I decided to run the wrath of Coach rather than ride 80kms on my own uphills in the rain and be miserable. Gazza said he would ride wingman with me next Saturday and we will head to Garrie. I need to get this done! Maybe Monday is the go. The weather looks like the best it will be all week. Take a half day off work.
So proud of our girls

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