Sunday, May 25, 2014

Still Buzzing........No Batteries Required!

Its been an unexpectedly surprisingly great tri season for me.
As it draws to a close (and the real work is just beginning!) I am left looking back over my shoulder and shaking my head in disbelief. Wow, what a ride.

I remember saying to Coach in about October last year...'Coach, I have lost my happy thought.' He gave me a month off to go tour around Hawaii and Canada. I returned to the Crew still well below par and ready to pull the pin. A series of rough itb flare ups and a tantrum from hell and I even started to seriously doubt whether I could pull myself back up outta the buh that had engulfed me.

In a desperate last ditch effort to crawl back, I announced to Coach that I wouldn't be racing this season. I wanted to go right back to basics and start building up the Onion core and hopefully even lay down a few thin layers of resilience. I hoped this was a sensible, no pressure, approach.

The plan worked and shortly after Christmas I found a little oomph and started looking at racing again.

Now with 4 races under my belt (1 dropped due to illness) I am left at the end of the season with a good taste in my mouth and the want to do it all again.

Last weekend was the last triathlon race of the season for me at Port Stephens. It was a pretty stressful time at work prior, but once I drove to Port Stephens and met up with my buddies, the weekend began and I enjoyed the company and laughs.

The usual nerves kicked in pre-race with the 'I don't want to do this, I'll roll over and stay in bed' thoughts. But I managed to keep these at bay and once my bike was racked I started to get excited. I am discovering that I need to hover 'helicopter style' outside my body slightly on race mornings, it helps.

The water was incredibly warm for so late in the season and I could have quite easily have stayed and played in the small breakers. But it was race day. I checked the water and decided against using the rip to get out behind the breakers this time. It was running hard, but away from the buoy. I went the shorter option and I think it paid off with a 3rd position out of the water. I kept the power at moderate, hoping this would pay off in the run.

One Mile Beach, Anna Bay, Port Stephens
Out on the bike I was very happy and pushed some big gears. With no speedo on board it was hard to know what speed I was doing, but going by feel I think I was cranking along pretty good. The rolling hills at the turn around point proved tricky with my bike gearing mucking up yet again. My race wheels are not happy with the arrangement. I am going to have to work on this. Bike is in for a tune up this week. On the way back to the start though, I ran out of gears and could have powered more. At the end I had the fastest ride in my age group. Boom! Happy days.

I hit the run a little concerned about the off road section of the course. A single track with exposed tree roots, surely the itbs would not be happy at all. BUT! They hung on and I ran the two laps without stopping except for a quick drink through the aid stations. Overall 2nd!

Later that night was the presentation and no way. 2nd on the point score! Life doesn't get any better. What a way to finish the year!

Fair chuffed with my efforts, a pleasant surprise!
Not sure how I ended up centre, but me and the ITC and KTC
members cleaning up at the presentation night.

Time to relax.......

I headed home via Richmond to pick up Gazza, who had just finished his 100kmm ultra through the blue mountains. In under 18hours. A very tired pair as we drove home in convoy.

Looking forward now, it's time to pick it up a notch and head for the future and what's next.

Olympic distance.

Garmin Vectra pedals are here and ready to go on. I'm taking Lil Red in for a service and get the power metre put on. woohooo. I'm very excited. I've also decided to spend a little time down south this winter and ride with Rob and Al.

Lil Red, pondering the future and enjoying the end of a great season
Feeling fine, on laughs and good times.......