Sooooo, I have a collected a list of injuries over the years. Probably 5 pages worth lol.

But here are the popular ones.....
  • I have rolled my right ankle x 3 times. This means that my right ankle is more flexible than my left. So I have to stretch the left calf so much more.

  • A nerve/muscle impingement issue on C3/4 Spine, with weights I have kept this one under control but it has been an ongoing issue for about 10 years. Doesn't hurt now unless I lift too heavy without a proper warm up.

  • Right inside knee, I have had this one for about 3 years now off and on. I have discovered it is a tightness higher up the leg that builds up gradually over time. So daily stretching and rolling on a ball on the inside keeps this one at bay.

  • The ever favourite....illiotibial band, I.T.B. Started on the right side, rolled and physio and eventually a cortisone shot. Then once the right was sorted, the left went. So back to the physio and rolling and stretching and a cortisone shot and guess what? The right is niggling again. Sooo I roll and stretch with a huge focus on the ITBs even using a rolling pin to dig deep enough. It's an ongoing issue says my physio and Sports Doctor who suggest that my lack of core, bow legs, being a female and my age are all contributing factors. So the 'injury' is now viewed as a focus area with core strengthening exercises and clams and Pilate's written into the program to hopefully alleviate the problem.

  • So early July I wanted to head down to Tasmania to see my brother and sister-in-law before they started their new life in Saudi Arabia. We planned a week long trip with a 4 day hike into the Tasmanian wilderness as part of the plan. I needed to buy a good sized backpack to do the job (and for future hikes hubby and I have planned) and so we headed to the shops. I remember standing at the counter rubbing a tight back, stretching and thinking hmm I feel a bit tight. I shrugged it off. Later I was packing the backpack with my gear and rolling each item of clothing up and then shoving it deep down into the bottom of the pack. At one point I bent forward and lifted my half filled pack and then wham! A sharp searing pain pierced my back and travelled down the back of my legs. Yowzers!!! So my trip to Tassie included day walks to adjust around my injury and a physio session with a random (but very knowledgeable and skillful guy) who reassured me it wasn't disc or joint but soft tissue. Thank goodness. So 3x physio sessions when I got home, rest, stretches, anti inflams and a whole heap of self massage and the back is just about right. Though when I ran yesterday 18.7.2012 I felt a distinct clunck in my left hip and my back has tightened again. I am considering not going to a pump class that I had been looking forward to but not yet decided. I have the Tenze machine on it now to relax the muscle so hopefully it will ease. Luckily it is not stopping me from training now. 
Well, 7 weeks out from Ironman and I have already had my third Cortizone shot to date. Due another shot in 2 weeks time. Yeah for me. 3 in the left knee, 1 in the right.

We (Coach/Physio and I) have decided that the ITB band release surgery is the plan for the off season. Stay tuned.

2014 - Well, it's tri-season again, specifically it's Husky Long Course weekend. The notion that I have missed yet another year due to this itb leaves me despondent. Is it time to give it all away? I'm almost done!

So, July 2014 and the Sydney Harbour 10k run. Stepped up on to a curb and rolled the foot over the next curb as I ran off. Landed on all fours with a bleeding knee and a sore foot. Continued on for a sub 1hr. The fall set the itbs off again too end with shredded knees. huh, what else is new then!

Sept/Oct - Over a couple of weeks I noticed the latest injury. Some heavy duty pool swimming with lots of work with paddles and my shoulder (left) started to have some pain. Some self massage and it eased, but then came back harder. I noticed it one night when laying on it started it aching even more. Time to see Coach for treatment. Turns out the issue is the long bicep head. ok, what's that and how do we treat it. Oh ok we dig deep into my pec aka side boob and push freaking hard. Ohh my. But wow, that helped and so I am up to 3 treatment sessions so far. Rest over the 3 weeks we were away seemed to help until I hopped in the pool for a play swim and realised it was just sleeping. Back to see Coach. But a lot better now.

Update, foot fine again, shoulder/bicep improving, itbs???? right back to the beginning.

11.12.14 - update, shoulder is 95% sorted. ITBs are holding and definitely improving with loads of strength and core work. Foot back to normal.

9.7.15 - ITBs both, have blown badly. See related posts during June July 2015. Back to the drawing board.