Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frustration Reigned and They all Got Wet

Today's set, after weeks of non-running was a simple 40 minute interval set to test how the ITB is travelling. To start with a good warm up to get the ol' bod' woken up and moving. Then my exercises to wake specific muscles up and then on my way. Jogging along, the legs felt good. Short periods of walking to reset the form and then back to a light jog. 10 repeats and all good....11....12 "Huston, we have a problem." We hear you loud and clear Sammi - hold on while we cue frustrated blood curdling scream.

Ok so that's not me. But boy that is how I feel right now. To put it into perspective. This time last year I visited a sports doctor to get a cortisone injection into the right knee. (I had already had the other knee done 6 months prior) so a year ago I had this issue in the same knee. A year down the track and I am about to try and compete in the same event and guess what? I cant run. STILL! I try to be positive. I try not to whinge and complain. But my frustration comes in part by knowing I have done everything to get this issue sorted. While I accept that my body's 'thing' is to have a predisposition to tightening ITBs, I am growing increasingly despondent I have to admit. I can live with ongoing upkeep such as physio visits, strengthening, constant rolling and stretching but I do all of those things and still have the issue. Come on body, keep up with my goals, hopes and dreams! Ironman is 15 weeks away and counting.

Today's effort! 40 minutes of intervals for just over 6kms.
We have a long way to go team...buh! :(

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outta the Hot Box & into the Hurt Locker

That's where I found myself today. I opted for a change in scenery in an effort to vary and keep the head sane. Usually my wind-trainer sets are done in our garage which has been turned into a gym and the usual setup is a music dvd playing on the TV- on silent. Just pretty pictures flashing in front of the eyes and an ipod shuffle blasting through the earplugs a range of doof doof trance dance music to keep me pumping through the set. But none of that was going to get me through the 26 degree heat that was already peaking at 6am and the little fan was never going to keep up with the demands of cooling me. Sooo, I opted for lugging all of my equipment out of the hot box and out to the back deck where the breeze could do the job. And while the sun was rising and the temperatures continued to climb, I gazed at the trees and bushes, talked to the dogs who rolled around on the deck wondering what the heck mum was doing while the music blasting through my ears set the beat, I enjoyed the change and got ready to head into the hurt locker.

A 2 hour session on the program - I always have my computer on count down so I can keep track of the sets Coach plans for me. And if you look carefully at the time counting down on the computer you can see that I have 40mins to go. Still got a ways to go here team. So where is my head at???????

As I didn't know this photo was being taken at the time, I can only guess at where my head was. But I do remember thinking, "I'm over the hump."

  • My butt hurts
  • It's hot. I'm Hot!
  • How much longer?
  • Here comes the big part of the set.
  • Hang on Sammi you can do it.
  • I hate Triathlon.
  • Why do I bother?
  • I could have slept in.
  • This too shall pass.
  • So close, and I'm doing it easy.
  • I'm hurting all over.
  • I feel great.
  • This is easy.
  • I love my bike.
  • I love being able to rock 60kms in 2 hours!
  • Oh boy, Ironman is hard work and I have so far to go.

And that is just the half of it. I also sing a lot and it's always out of tune. It's a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions and it can change by the second. But I do know the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment I feel when I am done and while I may be exhausted I am content and stronger for it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Loop

ok 15 weeks to go til we do this crazy I.M thing again. This time in 15 weeks from now I will be trying to get some food down, the bike will be safely tucked into bed on the rack and I will be attempting to relax and aiming for an early night. But for now the focus still remains on getting each session nailed and getting the quality stuff done. Having said that though, life seems to be constantly getting in the way. Work went a little hectic earlier in the week with deadlines needing to be met and taking priority over the program. Doesn't that suck! I hate it when life gets in the way. I had to drop a couple of sessions and opted to drop swims over walks. Yep, I am still rehabbing this pesky itb. But remaining positive there has been no pain in a long while now and I am walking over 2 hours without issue and starting to throw in some run/walk splits. All good.

On the bike front, things are going great guns. Legs are strong, hills seem to be getting a little easier. Certainly Bald Hill, probably close to one of the hardest climbs in our area, is getting slightly easier both mentally and physically. Today is the second time I have ridden what the Crew calls The Loop. 110kms of hills and undulations, steep descents and good times.

Yep, hills make us stronger!!