Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frustration Reigned and They all Got Wet

Today's set, after weeks of non-running was a simple 40 minute interval set to test how the ITB is travelling. To start with a good warm up to get the ol' bod' woken up and moving. Then my exercises to wake specific muscles up and then on my way. Jogging along, the legs felt good. Short periods of walking to reset the form and then back to a light jog. 10 repeats and all good....11....12 "Huston, we have a problem." We hear you loud and clear Sammi - hold on while we cue frustrated blood curdling scream.

Ok so that's not me. But boy that is how I feel right now. To put it into perspective. This time last year I visited a sports doctor to get a cortisone injection into the right knee. (I had already had the other knee done 6 months prior) so a year ago I had this issue in the same knee. A year down the track and I am about to try and compete in the same event and guess what? I cant run. STILL! I try to be positive. I try not to whinge and complain. But my frustration comes in part by knowing I have done everything to get this issue sorted. While I accept that my body's 'thing' is to have a predisposition to tightening ITBs, I am growing increasingly despondent I have to admit. I can live with ongoing upkeep such as physio visits, strengthening, constant rolling and stretching but I do all of those things and still have the issue. Come on body, keep up with my goals, hopes and dreams! Ironman is 15 weeks away and counting.

Today's effort! 40 minutes of intervals for just over 6kms.
We have a long way to go team...buh! :(

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