Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Its That Time of Year AGAIN............

Thursday afternoon and I am running out of work like a school kid at the end of Term 4. Boom, doors are left hanging on their hinges and the little car screams out of the car park.


Friday morning, bags packed and we are on our way South to one of the best locations on the NSW coast and one of the top Triathlons on the event calendar.... Huskisson!

Aqua Shores
Like a scene from Hylander, the Gathering happened with the Crew coming together in our group accommodation. 8 x adults, 1x 3yr old and 2x 6-11month old babies. This is going to try the patience. But the accommodation at Aqua Shores was up for the job.

The Crew, so many of us now.
We had a carb loaded meal and hit the sack. Saturday was spent cheering on the Sprint distance athletes and drinking coffee and chatting. We racked our bikes on the red carpet and had a pre-race chat with Alex and the rest of the AP10 Coaches. Another carb meal and an early night and race day was on its way. I was nervous. A low vibration sat with me most of the night. But I slept, surprisingly well. I got up at midnight to go to the toilet and then fell into a deep sleep again. I woke up with the alarm and cruised through my morning without too many shakes. Setting up my bike was easy, but first a trip around the boys to pump up the tyres.

I missed the briefing as I was chatting with Kel, but that was ok, I would rather give her some support. We headed down the stairs and stood with the boys doing up wetsuits and having photos taken. It was a great bonding moment as we did zips up and shared body lube, hugged and wished each other a good race.

The boys slipped away into the ocean and before long I was treading water next to the green buoy. The horn blasted and we were away. My Swim was mostly uneventful and to plan of sorts. I didn't go as hard off the start line as usual and I found my steady pace fairly quickly. My plan was never to go hard during the swim leg as I wanted all focus this race to be on the run leg. A small hiccup for us girls as our kicking mark disappeared. Oh hang on, there it is, UNDER TOW! WTF? Yep sure enough it was being towed seaward back into position. A quick reconnoitre and we were all on our way again. The trip home to the sand smooth and free of mishap. I walked T1. Hard to do. It took a lot of control not to break into a trot and run the carpeted stairs. I didn't want to risk upsetting the ITB at this early stage on the uneven surface. The week before the race had been a burning knee bone and a scene of rolling ice packs and popping anti-inflams.  Once away on the bike, I settled into an uncomfortable/comfortable pace. Taking it easy out of town, hammering down hills, working up hills, but not busting a boiler. Again being mindful of my goal 'To Run!'

The ride, besides being bumpy, was cool and easy. I finished feeling strong having chewed my way through dates and bars and well timed fluid intake. I hit the pavement, nervous and waiting. The pain never came. There was no burning or movement in the joint. I looked a bloody treat with my knee wrapped in pale brown rigid tape. But the ITB held and the work was ahead of me. I had my watch set to 5min run/30sec walk. And on the whole I managed to keep to the times. Though I threw plenty of short walks in there. It came down to fitness in the end, not ITB. I crossed the line and felt totally satisfied in my effort and yes, I had another long course under the belt.
We had a wonderful day and spent that night at the Stonegrill in town laughing and rehashing the race together and jibing each other with friendly slap talk. I love being a part of this group!

Other notes. Gaz had a cracker of a day, finishing better than I could have imagined. Times below.
Learnings from this weekend:
  • Swim - I need to learn to breathe on the left side.
  • Swim - I need to go harder and on someone's feet the entire time.
  • T1 - Practice flying mount with no shoes so I don't have to walk in shoes.
  • T1 - Something is going on with my wetsuit, it stuck to my skin and hard to get off.
  • Bike - Pack dates, they work. I need to eat more on the bike.
  • Bike - go harder. You have more in the tank.
  • Bike - get stronger and climb hills. Training is everything ride the hills.
  • Bike - 2 x Dextro flasks are needed for 90kms
  • Bike - I need to apply Vaseline to areas that chafe.
  • T2 - Undo shoes while on bike so I don't have to run in shoes.
  • Run - Strapping my knee works!
  • Run - I can go harder now, as the ITB is not an issue during the run.
  • Run - I need to work on run fitness and get back to where I was.
  • Run -be mindful on tight corners, the movement in the knee joint.
  • Race finish line, remember to smile, fix the hair and do up the zip.
  • Race finish, take your time in transition and enjoy the moment!

Husky L.C 2016
  Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Louise HEYWOOD 5:31:47 0:40:47 0:02:14 2:45:02 0:01:14 2:02:28
Leanne IRVINE 5:35:13 0:34:00 0:03:42 2:46:50 0:01:47 2:08:53
Debbie HEAP 5:42:09 0:34:16 0:03:33 2:55:15 0:02:31 2:06:33
Jo WAKEFIELD 5:56:00 0:48:12 0:09:11 2:57:23 0:02:59 1:58:14
Ingrid MCPHEE 5:57:47 0:39:30 0:03:58 3:12:16 0:01:52 2:00:09
Kate BRIEN 6:01:29 0:46:20 0:04:25 2:58:58 0:02:50 2:08:54
Tanya SAMPSON 6:06:46 0:45:09 0:04:13 2:58:34 0:02:20 2:16:28
Alison SLATER 6:12:06 0:39:16 0:05:25 3:13:44 0:03:13 2:10:27
Samantha BOWDEN 6:13:22 0:40:53 0:04:15 2:57:58 0:02:58 2:27:16
Sandra SCOTT 6:20:18 0:47:32 0:03:00 3:08:20 0:02:43 2:18:41
Belinda LOCKWOOD 6:24:31 0:56:39 0:03:38 3:18:36 0:02:37 2:03:00
Meagan SOLOMON 6:26:02 0:45:26 0:04:02 3:10:43 0:02:33 2:23:16
Neridah LERCHNER 6:32:32 0:42:57 0:02:57 3:17:41 0:02:05 2:26:50
Nicki MANTOVA 6:42:19 0:44:32 0:05:37 3:01:01 0:03:16 2:47:52
Penny RAFFAELE DNF 0:35:34 0:02:50 2:45:51 0:01:37  
Lianne SELLAS DNF 0:40:04 0:02:34 2:45:55 0:01:24  
Western Sydney Nov 2015
Samantha BOWDEN 6:20:00 0:42:52 0:02:51 2:58:05 0:03:38 2:32:32
Husky L.C 2011
Samantha BOWDEN 5:38:02 0:38:33 0:01:29 2:50:08 0:03:02 2:04:50
Husky L.C 2012
Samantha BOWDEN DNF 0:35:22        
Husky L.C 2013
Samantha BOWDEN DNF 0:37:23        
Husky L.C 2014
I did the Sprint distance not L.C
Husky L.C 2015 - I did Swim and Ride
TEAM BOWDEN 5:20:47 0:31:37 0:01:45 2:56:10 0:01:42 1:49:31
Husky L.C 2016
Samantha BOWDEN 6:13:22 0:40:53 0:04:15 2:57:58 0:02:58 2:27:16
Friend Comparison 2016

4:47:00 0:36:06 0:02:46 2:25:20 0:01:30 1:41:16
Robert COULTHARD 5:08:02 0:36:40 0:03:11 2:29:52 0:02:45 1:55:33

5:09:48 0:40:14 0:03:21 2:33:01 0:02:54 1:50:18
Clarinda CAMPBELL 5:40:45 0:39:58 0:02:32 2:47:17 0:02:15 2:08:41
Debbie HEAP 5:42:09 0:34:16 0:03:33 2:55:15 0:02:31 2:06:33

5:48:35 0:40:32 0:03:22 3:01:18 0:03:27 1:59:54
Melissa GORGIJOVSKI 5:59:16 0:47:30 0:03:35 2:59:27 0:02:13 2:06:29

Michele ROCHE
6:02:18 0:40:26 0:03:43 2:57:25 0:03:24 2:17:17
Samantha BOWDEN 6:13:22 0:40:53 0:04:15 2:57:58 0:02:58 2:27:16

6:14:17 0:31:45 0:02:41 2:51:09 0:02:08 2:46:31
James EGAN DNF 0:32:53 0:01:47 3:15:49    
Kellie RIDGES  DNF 0:41:59 0:02:54 2:38:18 0:01:29  

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Selfie Post...........

A trip to Canberra and a very brave cycle exploring the boundaries

Me feeling brave knocking out 60kms
 and taking on Coppings Crossing

Bravery continues with A run around Belconnen Lake.
Stop it Bowden!

A selfie after a satisfying ride North with the boys.
Did someone say 100kms. Sorted!

A back to front Selfie of me at the top of Bald Hill.

A hot HOT run prepping for Husky. Done!

Not quite a Selfie, but Coach put out the call for photos in your favourite place to train.
Nothing better than Blackbutt Forest.