Sunday, July 17, 2016

Travel Time............

After 9 months of careful planning and absence of so many things, mostly training, Big Gazza and I are ready to fly.
Of course the world has gone crazy....Nice, Turkey, train crashes...arghhhhh! But our spirits are not dampened. It's time to take a pause in life and go and explore some new and beautiful places together and challenge ourselves.
Our trip breaks up into a number of different chunks:
  1. Italian Explorer
  2. High Pyrenees - by bike
  3. High Pyranees Hike - Yikes!
  4. Paris & Normandy - a cultural experience
  5. Tattoos and Hame Country - Scotland The Brave
  6. Ireland - of Ponies and Kissing Rocks
  7. Let's get warm - Kuala Lumpur chill out before work