Thursday, August 29, 2013

1 step backwards, 2 steps forward.........

Well, the one step backwards has got to be the weight. Ya hit an all time low on the scale with a mighty 59.9kgs and then you just fall in a heap and pack it all back on in a fit of winter blues and casseroles. 63.7kgs this morning. Gotta get back on the wagon.

On an upbeat, the training is back to consistent and the running is PAIN free. Say it again PAIN FREE!!!! Yeah, let's hold on to that moment of sheer happiness. It's also a great motivator for keeping at it and refocusing on the race season which fast approacheth.

Sunday is the planned Duathlon championship at our club and then the plan is to head up to mum and dads for a game of golf with Dood for Father's Day. Next race after that is Pinkies. Triple challenge.

Time to get serious......once again!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Backsliding with nowhere to go.........

And that's how I feel at the moment. I usually have a goal or two up my sleeve that keeps me motivated and heading in a direction, usually forward, but that depends on the day of course and injury status.

However, this year (post Ironman that is) I have no real goal. I chewed over attempting to get to world championships in the Olympic distance. Even identified which qualifying races I would need to do to get there. But it all seems a little distant and I am left wondering if it's really what I want to do. hmmmm. I know I don't do well without something to obsess about. A-type personality that I am. So currently I am obsessing about houses, jobs, travel, life, ooooh the new Suburu BRZ mmmmm very nice. Come to mumma I want you bad. But slap on the wrist. You know you don't want another loan Sammi. Sooo, boring as it sounds, the obsession needs to be PAY THE MORTGAGAE OFF.

Not a bad goal really. The implications would be that I could retire....nice. Not fair that Big Gazza has to keep working while I sit at home knitting. Part-time would be good though I have to say. I have found lately that I am feeling tired/old. I don't mean to say I am getting old, pht I'm only 47 for crying out loud. But it has been go go go for a few years now and maybe I just need some down time. Fear there of course is that once you snooze you lose. I also don't want to lose my AP Crew family. Its been a blast being a part of something so tangible and elastic. As a group we are growing and evolving constantly. We rejoice in the triumphs of others, celebrate the wins, hug the crew member who is injured or benched and rally round to encourage each other. The cold of winter has kept me insulated and a little lost.

But, I do feel a sense of waking up. After all, Spring is just a short week away. The winds have started and I know the temperatures will drop again. But soon this little grub wrapped in her winter cocoon will wake up and see the sun again. Come on can do it. Get here fast. Sammi needs some light, warmth and a refreshing slap up the side of the head to get going again.
Climbing out of the National Park to enjoy the sun and view

Monday, August 5, 2013

On Bended Knee................

Wow, ok, ummmmm well that was unexpected!

So, it's a typical Saturday morning roll out with the Crew. Only Megzy in the third group so we combined 2 & 3 group and headed out into a glorious clear dark morning. We did the usual catchup chats with each other. How's your week been? etc. I was next to Winks and she was telling me she hadn't been on the bike all week. Great! She is a strong rider and with fresh legs she is going to want to go out hard. Me on the other hand, had been going hard at it all week. 2 x wind trainer sessions with nothing left in the tank each time and a TRX session with approx. 100 squats meant the legs were trashed and a couple of run sets would make sure the pins were getting stronger but they definitely weren't up to race speed and climbing hills at break neck speed.

In front was Big Gazza, and for only the second ride out with the Crew and under Coach's tutoring now, and The Onion Man. Behind me chatting happily were Megzy and Lil Dog. What a great bunch. Problem was after about 8kms it was apparent with Gazza on point, he also had fresh legs, having not been on his bike for a few weeks. Now Coach had told him in his program to sit on a really easy pace, but Gaz was fresh and the legs were spinning as fast as his mouth and when that happens he just rides off the front. I told Megzy and Lil Dog to hold our usual speed and before long there was a good gap starting. Finally, Gazza looked to see where we were and realised he was going too hard. I gave him the 'you're a dead man look!' and he gave me the 'Whaaaaat?' look back. I rolled to the back and gave him the 'What did Coach tell you? You are going to hard for us girls to keep up. Get behind and stay there!' Obediently and a little disgruntled he got in behind and the bunch slowed to a cruise pace that would see us last the 90kms through the hills.

Meantime, I had to make amends with Gazza who has the ability to keep his pouty face right through the ride. I started chatting and when he started to come round, I did my usual singing as the sun came up and threw a few, 'I love yous' into the mix to mend the hurt. At one point he said 'You better love me.' He had a curious look on his face that left me with a 'what do you mean? of course I do. response.

We continued on and hit the base of Bald Hill. This just never gets any easier! I climbed slowly. It wasn't pretty folks. Gazza went on ahead. No dramas this time as you have to climb at your own pace and I secretly hoped the hill would take the gusto out of his legs. When we reached the top the first group with Skip, Bangers, Coach and the rest of the gang were there having a quick break. The AP.10 Crew have been dominating the winter roads in the park. There are so very few other people braving the 3-4 degrees in the valley. We gathered to recover and have a laugh.

Just before the first group headed out Gazza (who is off his bike and wondering around, a bit strange but...) anyway, he calls out to everyone. 'Before you leave, I have an announcement to make...' I'm thinking shut up this is not your group we don't do this....shit!' He is getting teary and his voice is a little tight. I'm thinking what the hell is he upset for, oh no he is going to tell everyone he is pulling out of the Ultrarun. Gaz no, you didn't say anything to me earlier about wanting to pull out.

And then, he is saying that we are going to be renewing our vows in October in Hawaii on our 20 year anniversary. I'm thinking, Gaz everyone knows we are heading to Hawaii, I told them already, there's no need to make a big deal about it..........oh my, he is on one knee. WTF! He is looking up at me and he reaches into his pocket and brings out a ring. 'Sammi, will you marry me again?' I am totally surprised. I had absolutely no idea what he was up to and I laughed and went scarlet.

On the top of Bald Hill, in front of our AP family, he asked me finally and officially to marry him. See the first time, he never actually asked me, we just sort of arranged a quick, cheap wedding. This time he was on bended knee with the Crew to validate him, on top of a hill that has been a huge challenge for me and with a view of my home of 47 years. I could not have been more excited and in love with him more than at that moment.

I said YES! As the Crew clapped and congratulated us.

Signing up for another 20 years