About Me

Well, once upon a time there was this mother....who decided one day when she looked in the mirror that she was getting fat! She told her husband she was going for a run to shed the extra kilos and he said he would join her. Well, imagine the shock when, previously as a kid, she was pretty active but now found herself struggling to run to the corner of her street.

Well, her husband was an X-soldier and he set about helping her learn to run again. They walked to one telegraph pole and then they ran to the next. Pretty soon they were running 1 kilometre and then 2 and the 3.

Well, her bestfriend decided to join her too and since they both could swim, and they had completed a 20 kilometre bike ride together, they thought they could do a triathlon.

Well, they signed up for a Pinkies Triathlon (to support Breast Cancer) and WELL.......... the rest is history.

It's the same old story team. You've heard it before.

And this blog is about my journey from Couch to Ironman.......and beyond!

If I was to describe myself I would say I am a high achiever. If I set myself a goal it is usually a biggun! Not happy with a Sprint Triathlon it had to be Ironman. Not happy with being an average student or employee etc. I set a high barr for myself and 9 times out of 10 I reach it. My biggest fear is a fear of failure. It's probably a bigger fear than my claustrophobia for me.

What if I fail? An impossibility when I do not have failure in my vocabulary......there is no don't, can't, won't either..............I will find a way to overcome and fight......

So here I am, a 46 47 48 year old lady, mother of one beautiful 27 year old daughter and partner to the most amazingly supportive man, a girl could ever ask for. So I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful life.