Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dragging my A$$ round the paddock.......

So, yesterday's afternoon headache turned into a relatively early night. In an effort to cut out the sugar from the diet and break the after dinner sweet cravings, we are trialling cheese and crackers. Of course this could mean we get ourselves addicted to cheese so I am letting Big Gazza ration us, 1 slice of a nice tasty cheese and 4 crackers. Nice and it did the trick.

Once in bed though, tired as I was, the legs came to life and I couldn't settle. I rolled out of bed and hit the spare room and thrashed around for a while before finally falling asleep. 4.45am - you know it!

Up and ready, I felt ok. Drove to the paddock, and was late. Got to get better at that! I caught up with the Crew and we started the 800/400s. I felt ok and then suddenly wasn't ok. Crop top and Heart Rate monitor were constricting my chest. I popped the bra strap and lost the monitor and continued on. But the whole time I felt pretty average. No energy, a little crook in the stomach from an early breakfast, needed a loo stop, light headed and foggy.  

It was a tough slow morning.

I finished the morning session with a chat with Megzy and Coach and Ava.

Off to work and the day just dragged. I decided to call it early and came home. I was supposed to swim, but I talked myself out of it pretty quickly and headed home. I felt fuzzy and tired.

BUT, I managed to get myself going again for a 4.30pm pump class. I went light on the weights as it has been over 6 weeks since I have done a class. It hurt and the ab part just sucked the big one!. I am back to square one. But I got it done in the end.

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