Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A little one on one.......

Word from Coach....."Hey Sammi, its time for us to get back to running. See you 6:15am for a late start."

I woke up at 4 in the blessed AM. Nuts! Up at 4.20am and dressed, breakfast and on the road. I was early. Tooo early and my eyelids were getting heavy. I pulled over on the side of the road, set the alarm on my phone for 10mins and snoozed. OK, good to go.

Coach arrived and we set off in chase of the Crew. They were somewhere out on the paths, running in the dark, damp morning. As we rounded a corner, just Coach and I, we spied some silhouettes against the street lights still sending out stars of neon light. Figures took shape and recognition brought smiles and breathless muttered salutations as they headed back to the paddock to start their circle work. Coach said to keep going forward and I realised then, that the morning was just for me.

He looked down and asked if I always ran this fast for my warm up. Yes, slow down Sammi. ummm ok. We chatted and laughed, stopped for warm up exercises and then he gave me some pointers on my run technique. That meant a hand down the back of my pants and a grab of the G-string and sweaty run pants holding me in position. Well, there are no limits when your Coach is also your physio and has seen it all I'm sure. While I leaned forward against the restraint. Sit back, then come forward, open up through the stomach, work more through the quads, lean forward and run, maintain the position. Easy.  A couple of practice starts and then the rest of the time during the morning was spent focusing on maintaining the position.

Pre shower was spent laying on the wooden floorboards at Coach and Megzy's place chatting with little Ava. Lots of smiles and watching her pushing back to a plank in a onsey. So sweet.

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