Sunday, May 3, 2015

Another Sugar Roll Please.........

Just joking!
Breakfast, no sugar here folks
No sugar here peeps! Another great week of no sugar, sweets, chocolate and soft drink. But also no hidden sugar either. No tomato paste, fruit/dates, yoghurt or simmering sauces. Just good wholesome, mindful food. Mindful??? Yes, mindful. I think this has been one of the biggest mind altering moments, watching the That Sugar Film, reading the blog and doing some research. Mindful, in that I am conscious of everything we buy and eat now. I look at the charity chocolates at work and all I see is 6 teaspoons of sugar, 8 tspns of sugar. The only whoops I had was buying our usual marinated chicken kebabs and we wont be able to use them as the marinade is full of sugar. I can't even give them to the girls now as last night they went to see the film and they too are making some significant changes. They have a fresh produce barn close by and they bought a load of greens etc today. I am so pleased. I may have been a little late to the party with my own health, but Kez is only 28 and will do better at it than me.
Kez & Jess' shopping

Savoury Bread, baked my ME!
I have also done some baking. Its a determined vigour that I have found. Even turning on the oven and selecting ingredients that will make us healthy has been a lot of fun. My research bent has got me flicking through Pinterest and checking recipes. Dismissing sugar loaded meals and opting for clean, healthy and not to mention tasty meals.

Gazza in Struggle Town at Max Brenner's
In a crazy act, Big Gazza and I were up at the shops and decided we needed a coffee. The usual coffee house was doing its usual dismissal customer service and so in a crazy move that was totally risky, I suggested that we head in to Max Brenner for a coffee, NO CHOCOLATE! I am so pleased to say that I walked boldly pass the chocolate counter, strolled brazenly up to the cash register and ordered two coffees and stood and counted the teaspoons of sugar looking back at me. I wasn't interested. Gazza on the other hand was drooling. Our coffee was nice and strong and we triumphantly left the white sugar satchels on the table beside us. I walked pass the fat girl sharing a chocolate fondue and smiled inwardly at myself.

Apologies to self
Earlier in the week I visited the doctors and got a script for a blood test. The Doctor seemed ok with my request and to top it off I got a free Flu Shot to boot! Yeah for me. On Wednesday night I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A touch of the Flu anyone? I hope to go back this week and get the results of my blood test and see where we are at. I aim to ask a few questions this time round. Usually I just nod when I get the 'all clear' on my blood test. This time I want more information. Because I owe myself an apology..... Sorry Sammi, I have stuffed up. But I hope you will allow me to make a mends!

Changes I have noticed. My skin on the side of my neck, just under my ears has changed. I have noticed this once before when I was dieting and eating clean. But this time is even better. The headaches have lifted and I am not quite so tired. But training hard still has meant that fatigue is hard to determine. However, this week I was awake and energised but most importantly, enthusiastic and keen to do training, awake and ready to go. And how about sleep? Well usually I am a hopeless sleeper. Always the insomniac and always creeping about the house in the dark, late at night, wide awake and stuffing about on the I-pad to try and tire myself out, now I am sleeping soundly and waking feeling rested. Occasionally I have woken up, or had to go to the toilet, but I would say 9 from 10 sleeps are deeper. Hey I am even dreaming.....

Lastly training. The week as I said has been great I have been enthusiastic about training. But come Wednesday I was hit by the Flu truck and ended up coming home early from work and then going to bed for an hour. But, over the weekend I did a 2:40hr indoor spin trainer, followed by a 50+min run/walk. Very happy peeps. And all the while keeping the sugar below 6 teaspoons a day. SWEET!

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