Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bulli Burning for Coach Mark.....

Its been a heck of a week. Busy, travel, nights away from home, and of course the one that always missed.

Nothing like being hammered by the boss. Luckily it wasn't directed at me, but a collective group of HR Managers. It just rolls off now like thick hot tar. burns and sticks to you and it stinks! Two days of intense work and bitching, but I still managed a quick 4km run. It was a lovely place we stayed at. On the beach at Narrabeen and with a lake reserve behind the hotel I had options a plenty. I walked out of the hotel  got a little turned around in the dark and ended up with the lake route. The legs and knees were good and I felt comfortable from the moment I broke into a lazy jog. Except being away from home and the usual routine, meant the body wasn't happy and so I found myself walking some until I could find a loo that was open.

Narrabeen beach view from the hotel
A work Gala Night on Friday saw me frocking up and racing around like a maniac. It also saw me falling into bed around 1am. Yep, there was no way I was going to make the ride on 3 and a bit hours of sleep. And so sleep in was the second best option and I enjoyed it! I have a confession to make. I actually felt beautiful in my frock on the night. I splurged and got my hair blow dried and did my nails, wore a designer 'hand-me down' dress of my sisters and high heels (that I later regretted, as my feet killed by the end of the night). I had a flat stomach and squeezed into the dress with no back fat and no Spanx required. Running does pay off.
That's me on the left

Today was the Bulli Burn. Its a 5k running race and the proceeds of which go to Mark Scott aka 'Coach.' Mark was my first coach and got me to my first Ironman. Mark was hit by a car while out riding with his dad just after my Ironman. He has a brain acquired injury. Its hard to see him now in the adult running chair being pushed by his dad round the course. Little Oscar (now 4) running with his Nan into the finish line. Everyone clapping and Oscar not really understanding why he was getting so many claps.

My run was actually pretty good. As always I am ridiculously consumed with 'I could stay in bed' attitude and was reluctant to strip off for the run as I was so cold. Everyone else was too, so I didn't feel so bad. Mel (eventual winner) gathered all of the AP Crew together for a warm up run and went through our drills. Alex arrived with Ava, pram, baby food and a pile of baby paraphernalia. He had swapped duties and was daddy for a day while Megz did the run. The obligatory team photo and then it was time to strip down and run.

That's me, 2nd from the left. Gazza front row, right
Race started, hit the GO on the Garmin and set off uphill and out to Bulli Beach. Turn around and more uphill (we're talking slight hill) and then back to the start line and beyond to the car park before turning round again and heading for the finish line, but up the hill again before you get there. I just concentrated on form, cadence and knees. Not much I could do if the ITBs started to tighten and burn, but there is always some energy given to listening to the knees and how they are doing. One day I hope to not worry about that any more. The legs held up and as I headed for the finish line I came up alongside another girl about my age, I figure, maybe younger. She picked up the pace and I went with her. The finish line loomed and Gazza was there calling me in. I kicked into another gear and went between the flags. With my friendly competition right on my shoulder.

I was pretty pleased with my effort overall and the Garmin said the same. Second fastest 5km to date. Sweet. Including the hills. If the race had of been at the Husky course where I got my fastest run I reckon I would have smashed the time as it is basically dead flat. Sweet! And now, cause it is Sunday arvo. Its all about cooking getting ready for another busy week.


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