Monday, May 18, 2015

Damn You Scales, You Lie..........

Spreading false information like a plague through my brain. The scales were not pleasant to me this morning and I DON'T CARE! I don't believe them. I simply have to put one hand on my hip to feel the bone being uncovered, One hand on my ribs to feel the grooves and lay a hand over a boob to know that the girls are disappearing .....again <sigh> but that's ok. So, I am not going to allow the scales reporting I am back to the usual weight, when the rest of me is suggesting there is some trimming going on. Also according to the Sammi body'O'metre there will be a certain amount of water weight retention for the next week or so anyway. It's great being female. But even better being a modern female and having medical advancements at my fingertips. Yep no pesky period here for me, thank you very much.

In the meantime this week has been one I can write about as being positive, but long. Even though I missed Monday nights swim due to being in Canberra and coming home late, I managed to tick off all the other training boxes. I was strong on the no sugar diet and ate well and was not feeling deprived or guilty at eating real food. I felt comfortable and strong throughout the sessions and managed to finish all with some energy. Friday morning's swim was the only session where I dropped pace over the last 500ms or so.

Saturday was a fun, hard day in the saddle. I rode with Roberto and Charlie and we hit the hills of Jamberoo before heading off round the lake. We left Charlie at Wongawilli before Roberto and I headed home. I worked hard on the hills and we did some decent time trials through Minnamurra bends (always a favourite) and along Primbee. After the ride my legs were thrashed and trashed. It was a very slow walk as we did some shopping and later I needed a nap to function and then an early night for me. What a party animal I am. In bed by 9pm.

But Sunday morning saw me up and awake and ready to go again. Gazza and I drove down to Shellharbour pool and started a run from there for something different. We ran along the beach to Warilla Surf Club and back. We finished with 9kms done. It was a bit slow on the run as my legs were fatigued still and a couple of times I had to push to keep going, but again finished strong at the top of the hill before taking a nice easy walk back to the car.

The afternoon was spent cooking up some staples for the week. I just love my inside-outside bread and have made some tweaks so that now it is so tasty. I also tried my hand at some muffins. Made chia protein pots for pre training sessions and of course some quinoa for porridge in the mornings.

One of the highlights for cooking this week was on Saturday night when Gaz was busy painting the toilet walls and door and we realised late in the day that there was nothing planned for dinner. I defrosted a casserole that Gaz had made a few weeks back and then tried my hand at dumplings. You gotta know, they were beautiful. The Tassie Devil oven mitt is always a special friend of mine in the kitchen. A gift from my brother when he worked at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Refuge in Tasmania.

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