Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different.....and PAINFUL!

So Groupon had a special happening. 30 (count em) 30! sessions at Crossfit for $69....WTF!

I have always wanted to give Crossfit a go, but its always been so expensive. We grabbed them. Considering that its winter training and my area of extreme weakness is my Core. I figure now is a great time to get stuck into something new and exciting that will keep the winter training block interesting and diverse and working on those weaknesses.

So Gazza and I rolled in with a bit of an understanding of what we were in for. We have watched the Crossfit games, done a few WODS with Baker and I have integrated a little of the concepts into my home gym workouts. But we were still apprehensive. The Trainer was a nice guy and I felt instantly comfortable. One eye and both ears on him as he explained the gym and facilities and then into warm ups while the other eye wondered about the gym taking a recce on the other people in the gym and what the vibe might be like. It seemed ok. A hugely pregnant lady, 2 guys slightly overweight and about 30yrs old and a very butch (typical Crossfit square body shape) chick.

Looking forward to getting ripped over winter
Before I realised it we were working our way through the warmup sets. The doubleunders which I had not been looking forward to were first on the agenda. I didn't get one. Practice needed here. Gazza struggled on the skipping, looking like we was leaping over a 6ft wall rather than letting a 3mm piece of plastic line slip under his feet. I was thankful for my hours of school yard practice. Warwick then turned and faced the climbing ropes.....you have got to be kidding. I was keen to have a go. But I have never had the chance til now. Warwick asked if I could hold my weight. pft! Get out of my way. I had a few attempts and struggled with the feet placement. I could see the technique and in my minds eye I was there, but my legs and feet and the pesky rope weren't cooperating at all. Meanwhile, Gazza was the proverbial rat up the rope.

We headed to the bench presses. No intervention required by the trainer there and I knocked out the 5x5 @ 10kgs comfortably. And then it was time to WOD...

My first WOD

3x 5 min amraps with 3 min rest between do with a running clock

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
5 min amrap
5 HSPU - Handstand push up, done by kneeling on a bench and doing a pushup on the floor
10 KB snatch 20/12 - Not too bad in the end
15 pull ups - Done with a green band and I was in Struggletown, a long way to go

Completed - 2 rounds + 27

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
5 min amrap
5 ring dips - wowsers, I got these done with a purple band
10 ring rows - by the end I was struggling to get my chest to the rings
15 kbs 24/16 - all over it!

Completed - 3 rounds  

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
5 min amrap
5 push ups - I got them done, plenty of breaks in the last round
10 sit ups - These were done with an ab support, feet together, hands together over head then pass feet
15 wall balls 10/5 - 5kg ball, squat to wall ups, yikes! in the end the ball made it just above my head lol.

Completed - 2 rounds + 15

Finished, showered and fed, I reflect and think I'm sore but happy as I have worked a full body, functional session and can feel every muscle worked.

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