Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let the Transformation Begin!

Well, today I finished doing all of the pre season tasks for the 12 week body transformation program I have signed up to with Michelle Bridges so that I can get to my goal of running Ironman 2013 with a fitter, stronger, leaner body.

Michelle Bridges - did I mention that I would like arms like Mich

Other than being excited about the 12wbt about to start.....I feel energized at the moment, partly because this week is an easy week on the triathlon program. Last week just about killed me. The other reason I'm feeling hot to trot is because I am back in the gym. Crazy really I have all of the same equipment at home to use in our home gym. So why decide to take up a gym membership? The gym also has an indoor pool, a main reason for sign up as it will be handy to do a gym and swim at the same time (winter swimming outdoors is just not going to happen). Also, they have the running machines and elliptical machines so that if it rains in winter or if my pesky ITB injury/issue sparks up again I can hit the elliptical machine to keep the impact down on my legs but still manage to get a cardio work out. I don't have either of those items at home. If I had all the money in the world though I would and also a jet stream pool. ooooh cool.

Anyway, stop dreaming and back to reality!

Fitness test done today. tick!

1km time trial run: done at the oval - 4:33:78
Push ups: Toes - 20 Knees - 25 done in 1 minute
Ab strength: registered a 1. able to get up with feet on the ground hands on legs (not good)
Wall Sit: for time - 35 secs (sore quads - not good)
Sit and reach past toes - +15cm - happy days.


Weight - 63kgs
Chest - 92cm
Waist - 82cm
Widest - 100.5cm
R thigh - 58cm
L thigh - 57cm
R arm - 29cm
L arm - 29cm

12 weeks to make a difference. I have worked out that I need to lose 500gms per week to make my goal weight by the end of the 12 weeks. Let's get to work!!!!

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