Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Latest Crazy Plan

Sooooooo I have a new toy........

Hardly a Time Trialler. This little guy is destined to get mighty dirty. Yep Adventure Racing in the Triathlon off-season is the crazy plan for the moment.

We (Hubby and BFF) have entered an adventure race. My girl and I have been a part of a team for an adventure race before but this will be the first time hubby is doing an adventure race and the first time the team has done one together.
Team name: PolyVentures.

So as usual we don't do things by halves. Rather than enter a nice little tickler of a race to see if we can hack it as a team....noooo we enter this bad boy.

August 26th

  2. This course is for adventurers who are more experienced and want a bit more adventure on the day. The Hardcore Course is longer and the navigation and terrain is more challenging than the Raw Course.
  • Average teams in the Hardcore Course will take approx 4.5 to 7hrs to complete. Faster teams usually complete the course in approx 4 to 5hrs. These are estimated times and will vary from event to event.
  • The Hardcore Course includes:
    • Up to 35km of Mountain Biking
    • Up to 15km Trail Running / Trekking
    • Adventure Legs which could be anything from Kayaking, Canoeing, Tubing, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Archery and much more.
    • Intermediate Navigation

Truthfuly the thought of hurtling down a track with trees and rocks jumping out from either side of me scares the begeebers outta me. I'd rather take my chances on the road. But I like the idea of rogaining, orienteering, kayaking, canyoning etc and rock easy as we have all climbed before.

So I will have to get over the heeby geebies on the bike and get into it. I am sure it will be fun and also good cross training during the winter months. Otherwise my little toy will be on ebay very soon.

Also, it means no more excuses when it is too windy or cold or wet to go out on my time trialler. Get on the mountain bike Sammi and work hard. You'll come back even stronger.

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