Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hills Make Us Stronger

I had a top day today so I felt I needed to blog about it......

I met up with Coach this morning to discuss my goals for the upcoming 2012/2013 triathlon season.

Basically it's winter and a great time to do a reconnoiter and reassess goals and make sure we are headed in the right direction. Knowing I was having a coffee catch up with him I printed off my goals I had written in a previous blog and added a touch more detail by way of explanation of why I chose the goals etc.

But first it was a swim.

We headed in to the Uni pool and as I flopped into the water I was full of self talk. The water is going to be lovely and fresh, its going to wake you up and make you feel alive. It's great to be swimming early its a great way to start the day. In truth I was dreading the cold plunge and I was trying desperately to find a positive spin on the inevitable. And to my surprise, the water was refreshing and I was awake, but it wasn't bracing and so I feel my positive self talk had actually paid off.

Coach watched me over a couple of laps and gave me some feedback and things he wanted me to focus on with my stroke. My right arm (side I breathe to when I am swimming at speed or under load) is cutting across the front of me instead of landing in line with my shoulder and on the left although I have good rotation, I am dropping my elbow. I knew that already but I am having a real hard time finding the correct position and then practicing it until it comes naturally and is ingrained into my stroke.

After the swim set I headed for the showers and caught up with him at the cafe for a small flat attempt to cut back the coffee and watch my diet compromise.

We sat with my printed sheet and discussed each point in turn. Coach suggested a really good nutritionist he knows that I can work with to get my nutrition right, lose some weight and keep energy as well as race specific nutrition.

So anyway we discussed heaps of things so that Coach could get an idea of where my head is at. Of course this all comes down to me getting registered into Ironman 2013 Yikes!~

Anyway......after the chat I headed home full of positive talk, goals and a plan of how to move forward.

After lunch, still buzzing about the year ahead, I headed out on the road with the little Cervelo. The set was "60km ride, hilly course and stay aerobic" As the course is up to me to set I headed South for a steep hill that never seems to get any easier. Half way up I realised that the course I was planning was going to leave my legs thrashed for the weekend 90km ride that was planned. A quick re-jig of the plan in my head and I continued South heading for Kiama and another hill but not as big as the ones originally planned. As I rode the 60kms I headed for hills (or rather hefty bumps) and stayed aerobic. The legs eventually warmed up and the sting of some of the bigger hills seemed to ease a bit. Heading for home I was able to pick the pace up a little and finished with a happy time even though the hills were bumps. I was also pleasantly surprised to claim 2 QOMs on Strava and a host of other good scores. Sweet, that means I am getting stronger I hope.

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