Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let the Healing Begin

So! life goes on and it moves forward and 'This too shall pass', as my Dad would say.

And indeed it has. I woke up this morning feeling more relaxed than I have in a good while. It was a lovely sunny day and there was nothing competing (for a change) with my training. No excuses. Sammi you are back out on the road. And so I looked at my program and Coach had written Ride - 50km aerobic/not easy, but not hard. Ok, a ride "You Beauty."

I had been on Strava and checked the segments available that other girls had ridden and picked a course that I meant I could have a crack at getting QOM (Queen of the Mountain) on.

So I headed out and very quickly found that the legs were heavy and unresponsive. Oh Dear..... Warming up didn't seem to ease the legs but the head and the determination to win a few max speed efforts was driving me forward. There is a thought that chasing Segments on Strava can de-rail your training and yeah, I can see how that could happen. But today I was chasing and rather than cut the ride short or just spin along, I was hungry for a few records. So I think it was a positive.

There were 6 segments on the course that I took and I registered top 10 on all. 2nd over one long time trial segment so I was very happy with that. A bit confused over 1 segment though. I hit 39kmph and thought for sure I would take the QOM for that but when I got home and uploaded that ride I fell a fair bit short. I will have to check again where the effort is so that I can have another go later.

The legs were still tired at the end of the ride. But overall I was happy with the effort, the results and most of all the fact that I didn't need a kick up the tush to get myself out the door today. That has been the highlight for today. The want to exercise and train is back baby.

Hell Yeah!

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  1. Sounds like even despite the unresponsive legs, you had quite the awesome ride!