Monday, May 21, 2012

Sign-up Day Approacheth!

So, things are ticking along here down under in the world of SammiVille. Getting the work done and ticking some boxes. Always seeking that illusive 'ticked every box this week' goal. Not quite reaching it but getting mighty darn close just quietly.

Big News on the home front!!!!!

It's visual, so here goes.....


is Sign up for............
One more pic til you guess it.......


And I have decided to do it all again. I am going to repeat the lunacy and have another crack at this thing called I.M.

Coach reminded me that this thing we do...yeah, this Ironman thing that we do is not NORMAL.
My response was....'Yeah no shit Sherlock!' Entries open at 11am. Computers/servers will probably go down at 11.05am as 1700 competitors try to enter at once. But I will be there along with a few other buddies of mine pushing the buttons and burning up the credit card. Yep, one word..Lunacy!

But, Hey, what else would I be doing with my time. I have had such a good week (even though I missed 2 swim sessions due to a stiff neck) I caught up with my running buddies and had fun doing an hour of hill repeats with them. Went for an hour Xcountry run with the dog, swam with a buddy and got that illusive left elbow to stay up, rode with 3 good mates for just shy of 90kms with a 10min run off the bike and then finished it off with a 60min run this morning nice and easy with a buddy and his wife.

Not bad hey!

Program is in from Coach tonight and it looks bigger than Ben Hur. A bit daunting and I can see some big efforts coming my way. A 2 hour wind trainer session, Yikes. But the best and I guess only thing to do is hit them one at a time, don't think to much about it or too far ahead and see how much I can achieve. Focus of course on quality. I have a 100 clicker on the bike on Saturday with a half hour run off. Noice! So let's see how we fair. I'll get back to you shortly.

I'm also hoping for a top week on the diet front too and water! Drink more water Sammi! Geezluweeez!

I hope you are all travelling along fine too and I hope to come stalk you soon and catch up on your blogs.

Cheers x

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