Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'd Much Rather............

Well, this weeks bike sessions are an easy 40km bike ride, a 2hour wind trainer session and a 100km hilly aerobic session.

Let me tell you I'd rather be doing this...........

View North of Windang Island

View South of Port Kembla Beach

Coffee Stop at the SeaScape Cafe Port Kembla

View East of Masters Hill

Than this.................

Some Random Weirdo!
I at least have a TV in front of me and the music blaring

That's Coach and his Fiance Megzy

But at the end of the day; the wind trainer session worked me hard and I feel like I got a lot out of it. I haven't done too many 2 hour sessions and the grind was as mentally hard as it was physically hard. But I got it done.....Here's what it looked like.

  • 20 min warm up (1min fast spin, 1min easy)
  • Main Set 1
  • 8 x (2min normal gearing, 2min hard gearing, 2 min easy gearing, 2 min normal gearing) all maintaining the same effort with a  2min recovery spin
  • Main Set 2
  • 4 x (4min Olympic pace, 1 min easy spin) Comment from Coach was 'Dig Deep'
  • Warm down
  • 10mins easy spin (stretch and roll)

Towards the end of the Oly efforts I was having to dig deep. Luckily the music lifted and the legs held and time passed (as it does) and before long I was on the OtherSide!!!!

Now let's hope the weather holds for the 100 clicker on Saturday (30min run off that bad boy too).

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