Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wet and Cold Shopping Days

Went shopping today in preparation for next weeks diet. Ouch!!!!

Ok expensive BUT!!! all of these extra items wont be every week and so I forgive Mich for the injury my credit card received, poor thing.

Loved looking for new items to add to the Sammi B cooking repertoire. Like what the heck is Risoni? Or rather I know what it is just couldn't find it on the shelves. hmmm more research required there. Other items such as ricotta, swiss cheese etc all add up to an exciting week of discovery and hopefully some meals that we can add as the stalwarts we have now.

I got to say though, we do eat pretty healthily already. I have had people comment on how clean our trolley is as we go through the checkout. Luckily I am home at the moment "We are in between jobs or reassessing our options" as it were pht.... so anyway, cooking each night will be ok and hopefully fun. Cooking is not one of my favourite sports. I spent the entire year of home economics scrubbing burnt pots when I was at school.

Other than the diet......

Exercise this weekend has fallen well short of intended goals. 90km bike ride with a 30minute run off the bike has been a wash out and looks like the duathlon planned for tomorrow might be the same. Nuts! looks like the swim will go ahead though so don't look out the window, just grab your toggs and head for the pool Sammi. You know you want it! 4km session with some buddies along for company should make the pain go away. Some what.

I'll make up for the ride on Tuesday hopefully. Meantime DOMS, DOMS, DOMS! Wow!!!!!
Back in the gym and the ol' body is sure feeling it. In such a good way though. DOMS means the muscle got worked means it will get stronger, means Sammi will get to her goal. Fitter, leaner, STRONGER!!!! Hoo-ah

Well, rain it may well be, but there are alternatives and certainly loads of things to do to pass the time til the sun shines again.

Com'on Monday!!!!!!!! Just get here.

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