Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Panthers in the Gym

Had a big day planned in the gym yesterday. Arrived keen and pumped. Noticed there were lots of cars in the car park and hoped it didn't mean that everyone was in the gym. Wrong! I peered in and well, I couldn't see the equipment for the man mountains that were hulking about in there.

I spotted one of the gym assistants who was hiding behind the desk and gave her the 'oh crap I am the only girl in the gym' look. She gave me the 'Yeah I know aren't they gorgeous' look which I wasn't so concerned about as my response of 'how am I going to get my fat ass round the gym in front of these dudes?' Yep there were about 15 Penrith Panthers (A-grade Football Team) in the gym and lil ol' me.

Well, I am here to do a job and by crikey its going to get done!

So I hid on the X-trainer for 5 minutes and summed up enough courage to get my jacket off and join the masses. I pushed the earphones into the ear, turned up the volume on the shuffle and headed for the assisted pull up machine for my chin up set. Of course none of the boys were on that one so that was easy. Make sure you get 10 Sam! Drop the weight and show them your mettle! And then I was off.

I moved about the gym being careful to respect space and keep out their way. Did some impressive overhead shoulder presses and after about an hour had completed my set. Meantime the 15 boys had left and another 15 Panthers showed up. Thank goodness they all didn't show up at the same time. No way would I have been able to find the guts to work out.

Some lady turned up from the local paper, camera in hand. She made sure to keep me out of the photo. pht! could you imagine me working out in the background as Brad Tighe is rocking out a chest press. Not a good look for his street cred I'm sure. lol. Oh well, I wont make the paper. devastated! NOT!

Over in the stretching area I did my ab work and some core stuff, sumo squats and mountain climbers. Needless to say the DOMS this morning are really kicking in.

I have been 100% clean and honest on the diet and I'm hungry but not ready to eat a Possum just yet. I have done all of the gym sessions as well as completing my triathlon traning program. Though I am down on a swim at the moment. The work that I am doing at the moment is pressing me for time, but I will get there. A bit dissapointed about a weight gain this morning. 63 up to 63.8kgs. I'm not sure how that works when I have been such a good girl. BUT!!! I have watched enough biggest losers to know that the weight is going to come off and its only day 3. It could be muscle gain, water retention, etc etc so no stress here just moving forward and knowing that it will be off next week or the week after that. Consistency is key!

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