Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post Tassie Debrief

ok, so here we are. Mid week 4 of the 12 week body transformation and I am 2 kilos up from last weigh-in. I'm not stressed. Did I say that out loud? I AM NOT STRESSED MUCH!!! Nah I'm ok. I know exactly why and how I bumped up the needle on the scales.

My Brother Chris, me and Mel
My girl Mel and I have been visiting my brother and sister-in-law down in Tasmania for the last week. And who can go to Tasmania without tasting the amazing food down there. While we ate very healthy food, I did increase serving sizes and sampled things like cheeses and wines which aren't my usual fare.

I also didn't do my usual training schedule. In fact Coach called it a rest week and didn't send me a program. I didn't have access to a gym to do the 12wbt specific program. HOWEVER, we did do several hikes which kept me busy and moving. We did a fantastic walk through the Mt Field National Park and for the first time in my 46 years I got to make a snowman and feel the snow on my eyelashes and face plant into a snow drift. Good times. Sooooo that means a spike in the scales, but now I am back, I am focused as ever and ready to get back into the weight loss goal and training regime.
Me & Jabba at the Cascades Brewery.
The tradition in a snowman
on the bonnet of your car at the top
of Mt Wellington and drive down as far as
you can without him sliding off. We left
Jabba at the bottom....Winners~!
The only other problem I have, and which was a contributing factor to my lack of excercise, was that I pulled a muscle in my back while I was packing my backpack to go to Tassie. Youch! It has been tricky and very painful and has restricted my movement a lot and we had to adjust our intended 4 day hike to just day hikes. The change in itinery worked out well but in the end my goal of running up Mt Wellington just like the Biggest Loser gang did fell in a heap and I had to be satisifed with being driven up the mountain and perhaps reschedule my idea for November 12 when the Point to Pinnicle race is on. 21km half marathon run to the top of Mt Wellie. Never mind. Its all good and I am back on track.

The view from our hut we stayed at
overnight including Wallaby & Snowgum

Today was a trip to the physio. Not Coach but one of his colleagues as he is in Spain being team physio to the Triathletes going to the London Olympics. So it was a relief to have treatment and to have the locum tell me that my injury is muscular and should ease with further treatment, stretching and light excercise. Still it is frustrating for me. I feel like every time I get some distance and gains in my running (particularly), I have a set back. I know 'that's training' for you. But I really stress about running and my ability, skill and whether I can get enough training under my belt to do the job at Ironman the way I really want to. In my head I hope for a 4:30 marathon. That's a 1 hour improvement folks. Perhaps it is too much to hope for. But let's aim for the stars hey!
The day hut we lunched at during our hike along the
Tarn Shelf, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania
The Tarn Shelf Hike. Simply Beautiful.

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