Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Getting Back in the Game

So, before I left for my Tasmania trip I hurt my back. Pulled a muscle while I was packing my back pack. It's been two weeks since and three physio sessions and I am getting back to feeling good. Still a bit tight in the mornings or if I do too much lifting etc. But I made the bed yesterday and all good.

Running was an issue as my hip was out of line and it was catching on the forward movement. After a bit of work I can now run again. So swimming has been the main focus and bike riding. Easing back in to full training will take about another week. In the meantime though I have a 10km run this weekend.

The run is a sanctioned 10km race and so Coach hoped I would do it as it would give some valuable information regarding heart rates, mental attitude, perceived exertion, preparation etc. Now it will be more about how did I cope. Shame! Last night I jogged for about 30 minutes and everything went fine. But casting my thoughts back I realise that I haven't done a long run since the day I ran with my running buddies out to Windang Bridge return. That was maybe four months ago. Oh crap! This is going to hurt.

Got to stay positive though. Not go out to hard. Keep the water going in and just relax and enjoy the day.

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  1. Try to just focus on form and the feeling of running again...relax and say pure....flow like water. And enjoy