Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Mountain to Fall

So one of my major goals for 2012 is "not to be scared of hills anymore" basically what this means is that hill climbing on the bike has been a constant concern for me. Descending is fun and I can belt down hills no dramas. But when it comes to climbing, I doubt my strength and so worry about climbing or I plan the trip so that I circumnavigate any mountains.

To be a good rider you got to climb hills and one way to get stronger on the bike is to do the hills. And one of the biggest hills is smack bang in the middle of Ironman and we have to do it twice!!!!

So my aim is to ride the hills. So when Coach set the program for this week and said 60kms hilly and stay seated at all times and maintain good form....I knew I could no longer avoid the hills.

One of the hills on my bucket list is Rec Park Hill. It's a long steep drawn out hill but luckily has plenty of verge so no dramas about traffic. I decided I had all day and I was going to put the demon to rest and tick this hill climb off the 'to do' list. And it was a beautiful day to do it to. Sunny, blue skies for ever and no wind. I headed out and hit Mt Terry, Cat 4 climb and rode on to about 20kms before heading back the way I came and attempting Mt Terry from the South side which included Rec Park Hill.

Well, I went at my own pace as I was alone. Makes sense but often when I ride with others I get caught up with trying to keep up with them and then blowing a gasket rather than going at it sensibly. I am happy to report that I survived! Tick.....

Now on to the next Mountain......

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