Monday, March 26, 2012

The Stryda

Well just 3 weeks left of work and I am outta there. I quit!! Stress levels are at an all time high and basically I'm miserable. So I force myself to pull on my running gear and throw the collar on the dog and drag our asses out the front door. Still doing my 4min run/1min walk intervals so that I ensure I am keeping good form, I head down the road. As I cross the main street and head for the path that follows the water course, I spot my boss driving by. I affectionately call him boss. Boss with a small 'b'. He is such a nice guy. It's the dude above him that is the total wanker! Anyway, it reminded me of work. As I offered a halfhearted wave I set the timer on my Garmin Forerunner to do the interval 9 times.

I broke into a slow lope and my dog came to life and dutifully fell into step alongside me. I cruised down the road onto the bike track that led us to the ponds and pretty soon the 1st 4min interval chimed off. I slowed to a walk and chatted with my four footed buddy. He looked up at me with that typical dog look of......"Whooooaa we are out for a walk I love you soooo much I am having soooooo much fun woof!"

My running buddy - Australian Shepherd (Stryda)

The Garmin chirped to life and again we broke into an easy stride. I watched water foul poking amongst the reeds looking for dinner, saw flying critters set off small whirlpools on the still water of the pond as they touched down and heard frogs coming to life in the late afternoon cooling light. My mind seemed to still for the first time in weeks (maybe even months) and I became lost in the movement of my gait and the soft panting of my silent friend.

Even the 1 minute intervals didn't interrupt the space we were in. I nodded and smiled at locals out for their late afternoon walks, dodged stealthily around those walking their canines with limited fuss. My little buddy is so sensible and such a friendly companion, he happily ignored the interruptions seeming to prefer running with me than stopping for a sniff and a play.

We continued as the sun cooled and the street lights came on. A soft breeze picked up and soon I found myself at the turn around point and homeward bound. The last of the chirps from my wrist sounded the end of my run and for the first time I realised that I was having the best run I have had in years. I felt like I could have run forever, the pace was free and easy, slow at first but by the end of the run I had stretched out to a relaxed lope that I felt like I could have maintained forever.

Ha, go figure! I think sometimes being able to flick a switch and turn off the noise in your head would be a great invention.

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading this post. :) If you find/invent one of those switches, could you let me know? Thanks! Heather.