Monday, March 19, 2012

Look in the Mirror - 10 Steps Backwards

Out in the gym tonight. Bit disappointed in what I see. Like every gym we have a mirror set up.

Our gym is in the garage and we have spent time getting it sorted so that we have a pretty good set up now. Prior to this we used to be members of a gym. Each morning heading dutifully down to join the malay of guys doing their International Chest on Monday routines.... I got pretty strong. I was getting some muscle and definition, even some pecs. I could rock out 50 push ups without too much grief and I could do a decline sit up hugging 10kilos on my chest. I got to know some of the guys and earnt some respect as a lifter rather than just a chick playing with dumbells. Some of the guys helped spot me if I was on my own and helped with diet tips and form technique.

After a while we took up this crazy sport of triathlon and pretty soon with Ironman and the training required, the hours soon were gobbled up with running, swimming and time out on the roads on the bikes. Bit by bit we slipped away from the gym life and so we decided that we would set up the home gym. And little by little I drifted away more from the weights. I know strength, core and stretching are just as important as the rest of the 3 sports, but time in the gym was sacrificed for sleeping, eating and quality time with the family. I do still do my stretching pretty religiously to avoid injuries, but picking up and putting down steel is completely out of the program.

So we bought some TRX bands with a view of using these to strengthen core etc. And so here I find myself a year after Ironman. A year before I do my next Ironman and I'm not happy with the gal who is staring back at me. It's like all of the work a year or more ago has gone and I have gone ackwards in tim. Even though I can knock out a huge triathlon I can't see the muscle for the soft fat and muscle.

BUT!!!!! I have a year and 6 weeks to whip this lil ol bod back into some shape. So while I am disappointed that I have lost a load of fitness, muscle, core, balance and the like. I know I can do this again. I can work hard and if I stay consistent, then I can be the person I want to be, come race day in 2013.

So.....without taking a photo and posting it (as you'll all say "hey Sammi - aint sooo bad"). Let's just say. I got some work to do.

  • Get strong, lean, toned and faster!
  • Stay consistent, eat clean, stay focused and EAT CLEAN!!!!!
  • Find some time weekly to start a strength and core routine and keep it incorporated in the holistic approach to this thing called Ironman.
  • Be realistic, the flabby/loose skin could be age (and no amount of training can beat's just the way it is)
  • Be true to yourself, quit the B.S, and never lie to yourself.
  • And for Crying Out Loud - Give up the SUGAR!!!!


  1. Just a suggestion - be more specific. You want to get faster, but what does that mean? One second faster in a 5k?, an hour off your marathon? As long as you follow through with them, having those specific goals holds you to your goals much longer; though i'm sure you're already detailing it all out already.

    And I agree with you - you'll get back to that level you want. Just keep at it.

  2. Thanks Kurt.

    You are right. I do need to get more specific with my goals. I do track everything. (A-type typical personality/triathlete that I am) But as you say getting faster isn't really measurable. I'll give it some thought and try and put some measures in place. Thanks for all of the tips on previous blogs too. I appreciate it very much.