Friday, March 2, 2012

Part of the Team

Quick text from Coach last night to check in about my ratty ITB issue. When I responded with all good to go he text back with. Swim tomorrow, bike Saturday, maybe a light run Sunday depending on how you pull up. Do you want to join us for swim or do you want me to write you a set?

Huge decision here team! If I get him to write me a set I will more than likely sleep in as it is a nasty night with rain and wind squalls. Gulp! Bite the bullet and commit already will ya Sammi!!!! And so I text back with what time?

5.30am - ok then. Committed. I went to bed early knowing I would be up at 4.50am in time to have breakfast and drive the 30mins to get to the pool. Before that though it was pack 3 bags and prep breakfast, lunch etc ready to go so that I could go to work straight after the swim.

Pitch black, raining and windy. I must be mad or I actually want to do this thing!

Arrive at the pool and the team are there. Dreading the tip toe from change room to poolside and then in. But the water isn't bad and before I know it the warm up is done and we are into the sets. I always thought I was fairly good at working hard by myself. But there is nothing better to give you a push than 4 amazingly fit tall male athletes in front of you creating a whirlpool effect in the lane. (it's not a bad spectator sport this triathlon stuff, amazing bodies, but it is strictly all work here team so get your mind out of the gutter) just sayin' though hey!

By the end of the set I had triumphantly completed the set without being lapped and had actually overtaken one of the boys moving me into 3rd soooo extremely happy there.

The rest of the day is my own (as in no more training just work) with only a physio appointment with Coach a little later.

Very pleased and attitude pumped!

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