Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swim Testing and Pesky ITB issues

This damn ITB. It wont let up. I get the ice onto it, some Anti-inflams and stretch, roll and then stretch some more and she wont let up. The burning across my knee where the iliotibial band rubs against the bone burns. It's not crippling and it's not stopping me from running if I wanted to. But we (Coach and I) are playing it safe and sensible and looking at a long term fix rather than let's keep rolling on. Problem is I have a race in a couple of weeks. I might make it AND I don't have to race it. Rather, just use it as a training tool and roll on to the big exciting race in April.

The Dextro Challenge is going to be a amazing. Swim in Botony Bay, ride over our famous Harbour Bridge and run through the streets of Sydney ending at the Sydney Opera House. What an opportunity and one I wont want to miss and especially one I want to do my Coach proud in. I'll be wearing his colours and giving it my all.

Speaking of which I have been giving it all I got on the diet front. Focus has been spot on! 100% clean and no excess sugar at all. My diet for now is detailed on my Nutrition page so I wont go at it again. But I have had some good weight loss to date....2kilos in fact in 2 weeks. So I am very happy and this is helping to keep me focused and on track also. With a goal of 58kilos I am asking a lot of myself I know. A reassessment at 60kilos is the aim and for now a weight goal come 12th of April is 62 kilos. The rest will have to come off over winter.

This effort should all pay off in time with weight to strength/power ratios swinging closer in the right direction. This morning however, the low calorie count per day affected me a bit during a swim test with Coach. The set:

1 x km warmup continuous
for time - 500m......9:48mins
1 minute rest
for time - 300m.......5:42mins
30sec rest
for time - 300m.......6:00mins
10 sec rest
for time - 100m.......1:50mins
300m warm down

What this told Coach was all about my recovery and this is a reflection of my fitness. He says he gained a lot of information and that I did really well.

I just wish the ITB would ease and give me a break. I have learnt my lesson Geez....... Don't cram all of your workouts into one half of the week so you can get your bike serviced. Rest is just as important as training! I get it, lesson learnt.

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