Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Day Officially on the New Program

I'm very excited today team. Today I have my new program printed off and ready to go. My new Coach sent it through on Saturday with Monday as official kick off day.

It's exciting in a number of ways.

Firstly - because I have been flopping around with no real direction since my last coach has his accident AND I was recovering from Ironman.

Secondly - becuase of the calibre of my new coach. He is an elite triathlete, physio and nutritionist as well as a certified bike fitter. How can I lose. Not an option.

And so with this in mind I am raring to go. Of course first day back is a swim. Hah. Too funny, I hate getting up early and today saw me up at 5am and wet by 5.30am. I've got it worked out so that I swim and take all my clothes etc for work and then head in to work after the session. Breakfast at work, an early start to the day means an early finish. Its all good!
  • Set today 800m warm up
  • 1200 main set
    •  1 x 200 swim, 1 x 200m pool bouy x 3 rounds
  •  100m warm down
This will build up of course and I'll be doing 3km before long.

Diet - all good. I have my meals set up last night so I just through everything in. Still working on approx 1100 cals. Still low but the the excercise is still not full on either so I am hoping to keep low as I can until I start to get tired and lose energy and then I'll have to adjust.
Yoga tonight. End of year party for yoga afterwards. I'm on sweets. grrrrrr Will have to take fruit or something for a 'healthy option sweet'.

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