Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back in the Pool

Last night was interesing. Tired but still had to pack a bag for this morning. Slightly different to normal I needed to pack swim gear for the pool + breakfast + work clothes.

See today was my first day swimming with my new coach. The pool where he is at is on my way to work and so up at 5.10am and on the road and in the pool by 6am. I was a little concerned about water temp (yeah I am such a girl sometimes) but it was glorious and the sun was up and rising and we knocked out a great (albeit slow) first set back.

Looked alittle like this:

  • 800m warm up
  • 200m, 2x100m, 4x50m - done 3 times 
    • 1 was swim
    • 2 was pull bouy
    • and 3 was pull bouy and small hand paddles
  • 100m warm down
I feel a little tired now but a coffee is starting to do its job.
Diet is still about 95% clean and this morning the jeans slid on a lot easier. I'm hoping for another kilo loss on Monday. Fingers crossed but if the scales don't make me happy, getting the jeans on comfortably already did.
Have a great day team

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