Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can't Catch a Thought

Well I got to say team. Its been a hell of a week! The roller coaster ride is on a constant zig zag up and down, highs and lows and now backwards and forwards too.

The positive ITB finally seems to have eased. So far this week I have been for a 20 minute run with 30sec run, 30sec walk intervals. How bad is that lol. But at the end of it all the knee seemed to be ok and the burning was no worse. I have also rocked out 2 wind trainer sessions on the bike, both without drama. Ice and rolling are the norm of course and stretching too. I think what I have learnt from all of this angst, is that the injury will pass and sometimes you have to go backwards to move forwards, but overall I think I have learnt that if I stay on top of the stretching and rolling I will prevent this from happening again. I sure am going to try anyway. So my 20minute run will soon creep back up to decent distances and times again soon I am sure.

The lows...... well it's cold and wet and windy and I have huge trouble getting up in the morning on days like this. After work can be an issue to as all I want to do is run home and hope into my pj's and curl up on the lounge and vegetate. I like it better having my gear in the car and travelling to the training session and not home first. I had my swim gear in the car and as the day drew on I knew I wasn't going to battle an unusually cold squally day to go swim in the outdoor pool. Going home meant picking up husband and girlfriend and heading to the indoor pool. A possible option that I would have followed through on if my work day hadn't been such a crap one.

The other was full of emotional eating. Yep the diet flew out the window and as I was smashing through chocolate and 4 small Easter buns I recognised what I was doing and took comfort in the food. I didn't feel guilty about it as I had recognised and was aware of my actions. I didn't attempt to rein it in as I needed to be comforted and food was the only hug I was getting today til I got home. A tough couple of days at work with no positive end in sight and me not being brave enough to make some tough decisions about my future with the company. You see 'Senior Management' are making some changes to identity etc and the changes do not sit comfortably with me. 'We' (middle managers) have been told to get on board or get out. Many other managers are uncomfortable with the actions and intimidation tactics but are not prepared to go any further with it. I understand, they have to pay a mortgage, me too. Anyway, I can make a choice hey! I can put up with it, earn my 9to5 and go home and train and focus on life outside of work like family and triathlon etc or I can leave, take my long service leave and have a break and look for new employment. These are the thoughts that plague me. And while I wanted this blog to be about triathlon and my training, and not small trivial things, obviously other factors are going to contribute, affect and hinder this goal from time to time and if I don't document these aspects then I can't reflect properly later about my journey.

So these are the thoughts I am trying to catch today........and in the meantime I have not trained now and missed 2 sessions. What I have learnt (the hard way) is that you can not buy those missed sessions back no matter how hard you try or how well you juggle. Something will give in the end be it energy, injury/body, recovery/sleep, work or life, something will give and so I say adios to the 2 missed sets today and focus on tomorrow. No rain checks.

Tomorrow is a 20min run with 40sec run/20sec walk. Tomorrow arvo is a massage and then 1 hour on the wind trainer. Let's get er done Sammi hey!!!!

5 weeks 3 days to Dextro Challenge!
62kgs - stay focused!
Get the work done!
Don't miss a session from here on in!
Be proud of yourself, stretch and don't sweat the small stuff!

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  1. One of the biggest things I've learned in training is that a missed session here and there doesn't impact the final outcome all that much. So don't worry about the sessions too much. As you said, things are bound to come up eventually and ruin the schedule - you just have roll with the punches.

    It's really too bad to hear about the changes they're making at work, but hopefully things will settle down in time and be ok.

    But lastly, AWESOME to hear that the ITB is coming around. I've had ITB issues in the past and they are no fun at all. Keep up the work!!