Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 12 in Review

12 weeks on the program with my new coach.....

What a crap week..... Good in that I quit my job; a job that has caused me stress and anxiety now for 6 years, but bad because when I'm stressed training goes out the window. And it did!

I had a rest planned for Monday morning and then a gym session in the arvo. I got the gym work done though half hearted as the noise in my head was going off the rictor. That night it continued to roll around and so I couldn't sleep. I don't sleep when I am stressed. I wish stress manifested itself in lack of eating, but no I eat to stay happy. I am an emotional eater. I just don't sleep and then I can't train and then I don't sleep cause I haven't worked out and so the cycle continues.

Tuesday I gave my notice and that was the rest of the week goodbye. I ran with my husband on Saturday arvo. 20 minutes straight up and the i.t.b held which was good news. I had to stop for a drink break and ended up walking home due to runners gut. I wonder if there are any ideas out there in runners land about this issue. I used to take Metamucil I think I'll try it again.

Anyway, stay positive, the i.t.b was good. Sunday (today) rode with hubby and girlfriend. She is new to cycling and so she has peddles rather than cleats. We cruised at about 24kms average and by the end we covered 38kms. Whoa! Well under cooked.

Now here's the issue. race day is 3 weeks today. Am I ready? no. Am I anywhere where I wanted to be leading into this race? nope. It's the Dextro Worldchamp race and I am going in so under prepared. It will be a race of hang-on and try not to come home injured.

I lied to Coach. Confession. I told him I got the work done. He worries about me. I know that's his job and I know he might alter my program to give me a break or something. But I really don't want to. I just want to pretend like everything is ok and normal and rolling on as usual. I want the program to be normal and I want to work hard and tick all of the boxes this week.

So here is the program so I remain accountable to you all.

Monday am 30km bike    pm Gym/strength/stretch
Tuesday am Run              pm 3km swim
Weds am Bike on trainer pm Gym strength/stretch
Thurs am run                   pm 3km swim
Friday am 3km Swim      pm Rest and Quality time with the Polys
Saturday am 60km Bike brick 30min run  pm Open water swim river
Sunday am Run               pm Rest and stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The beautiful Minnamurra River where we swim each weekend

There it is. I got to say the swim Thursday pm and Friday am is going to be the hardest to get done for me. It will be a mental battle for sure.

So I have my plan in place. I don't have my head in place at this point. That's why I am awake at 11pm on a Sunday night blogging rather than sleeping like the rest of the household. I stand by my decision to leave. I know the advertisment for my job is in the paper, so I haven't read the paper. I know I need a break from work. I realise I have not had more than a 4 week block of leave off since 2001. And Uni starts May 28. I need to give myself permission to rest, heal, focus and enjoy the things I want to do and let the rest wash over me. So here's to a "Be Kind to Sammi" week and to "Enjoying Ticking the Boxes".

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