Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Tri Bites the Dust

Well, sadly I had to let another triathlon go on the weekend. I'm pretty disappointed.

My Husband (Back to camera) and my Coach (facing the camera) - out on the run

Damn you ITB! But on a positive note it is getting better and I am back to running albeit 4min run/1min walk x 6. But hey! its a start.....again.

The week in review.

Besides missing the triathlon on Sunday (Wollongong Olympic)
1 did manage -

3 x short runs
3 x 3km swims
2 x 1hr wind trainer session
1 x 50km ride

Plus a whole heap of strength, stretching and core work.

A visit to see Coach/physio saw a quick rub down on the ITB and then some time in the gym working the core exercises and some work with the Bands. I'm loving my TRX ands. You can do so much work with them and a lot of it is working your core at the same time.

Diet has been ok. 90% clean and good, the occasional blow out and the usual Friday night cheat meal included 1 small chocolate icecream.

I was hoping for a bigger weight loss but 300gms is better than nothing. I hope it will kick back in and I am hoping for a bigger loss this week as I head into the biggest week I have had in some time. I'll try to keep 98% clean diet this week and hope for a decent loss.

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