Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can a girl change her stars?

So, after many months of thrashing it around I have decided to leave my job. Yup, I handed my notice in today. Am I shitting myself ? You bettcha. Am I scared? Oh yeah. Am I relieved? I think so. Do I believe I have done the right thing? You better believe it!

Why does this post end up on my blog? Well I wanted this blog to be about my journey to Ironman and I guess this desicion in my life will ultimately have some effect on this journey. Ha, Well, with all of this free time now I should be able to train like a pro-athelete right? lol. Reality is though that I may sit in a corner and rock for 12months and not get off the couch. Another reality is that I may not be able to afford the coaching and although I think I can do it on my own....I really want to keep the expense of a coach. The benefits far out weigh the negs. I don't smoke, drink, party hard.... I don't have gym fees, school fees, HECS fees (yet) so allow me this one indulgence. And when Hubby finishes his I.M this year in May we will cut out his coach and both move onto the one program.

Side note: I just got this massive wave of DeJa Vu as I write this.

Why have I left my job? Glad you asked because it has affected my life so much. Basically my CEO is a bully. Over the past 6 years I have been his whipping boy. Me and a few others and now some changes are a-foot that will turn our organisation on its head and to quote Brody in Jaws "I aint gonna take this abuse much longer." And so I have handed in my 4 weeks resignation after 17 years of loyal service.
  • The unknown....the possibilities!
  • Finances.......strategies!
  • Scared.........supported by 2 amazingly loving people (who both work) There is something to be said about a thrupple relationship. 3 incomes, no kids.....
I have some long service leave and a stack on annual leave. Not how I wanted to use it that's for sure, but the safety net feels good. So this blog (I guess) will be documented and archived for a year or more from now when I look back on this journey and see how this moment right now, this space in time, my desicion at this very moment will change not only my I.M dreams, but my whole life. I have reached the fork in the road, and to quote young William Thatcher in a Knights Tale "Can a man change his stars?"

And.......... here's to me for just having the faith in myself to try!

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