Sunday, April 21, 2013

2 Weeks to Go BABY!!!!

What a huge week. Massive last chance training week in prep for Ironman. Yep 2 weeks today at this time (hopefully) I will be done....actually checking the time its 6.32pm. Maybe we better give it a couple more hours yet. lol..........

Yesterday it was torrential rains and screaming winds. The program was meant to be a repeat of last Saturday's huge ride (See previous blog) but with the weather being flat out dangerous, the text message came in from Coach gathering the Crew for an early morning wind trainer session in his protected undercover backyard. I rolled in a little late and the rest of the gang were setting up their trainers and bikes in a semi circle. Me in my dressing gown snuggled up nice and warm joined the sweat fest, very quickly losing the extra layer. But before that, Coach snapped the shot below.....

Yep, that's me in the dressing gown, asleep and warm. ah, all in fun. And we had some great laughs as the 3hr session unravelled. Lots of hard work done, but in balance with good advice, passionate athletes and many laughs. And for something truly different yet still bonding the Crew together.....we dismounted and hit the flat packs. We all took allen key in hand and built cupboards, mounted shelves and put up hooks and helped Coach and Megzy with their homemaking for a while. Good times!

Overnight the horrid weather left us and Gazza and I woke to a beautiful blue day. We had a last chance run/walk to do. So with a ring circuit in the plan, Gazza headed East and I headed West. We met part way round and then Gazza spun round and back tracked, and then doubled back to me. He ended with a 16km run and then joined Stryda and I for the rest of the walk home. A glorious day and a nice chance for a family portrait.

At the end of a busy day and a huge week, we are finally on the home stretch and now its rest week.

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