Friday, April 5, 2013

So undercooked; I'm RAW...............

Last blog I mentioned a cold that has been lingering around in the background. Well, it's moved to the foreground and has knocked me off my feet for 3 days now. Oh no, what was meant to be the final big weeks on the program where precious long rides and runs were meant to happen, have been exchanged with sleep, lay down, rest, recover, sleep some more.

I went off to bed tonight as I was shattered, slept for a short while and now I am totally awake. Lack of exercise I figure, or the drugs I took for the cold have woken me up. Anyway, my head is going a hundred miles an hour about Ironman of course.

Desperately trying to find positive thoughts such as:
  • I had a great ride last weekend finishing strong on a 166km ride
  • I know I can swim 4kms
  • My ITBs have calmed down completely, no pain what so ever
  • I have done the Ironman before I know what it takes mentally to get it done
  • The new set up for the bike (nutrition) worked really well
  • I have not run a step in over 5 months - just walked
  • My consistency has gone so I am worried I am losing fitness
  • I am just worrying about everything too much

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