Monday, April 29, 2013

Her Hands are Sweaty.............

Monday! Time to get up, stop yawning. Weigh-in day. Start of a new week and a realisation that there ain't no more I can do but wait for Sunday to roll around.

Looking back over my shoulder to last week and there was Thursday. A special day in Aus as we recognise our fallen and Kez was right there in amongst it with her swag of medals. An ANZAC dawn service for her and then a march in Sydney. Proudly wearing her own medals and her Great-Grandfathers. A proud day for the whole family.

Who would of thought my kid would turn into such an amazing young lady. Well, you wish for the stars when it comes to your children don't you. Times goes by so quickly.


My dad (family name Dood) also returned from Scotland during the week after visiting my Grandma. All the arrangements for the funeral and where to scatter her ashes are sorted now. He said his last farewell to her and on behalf of all of the family told her we loved her. and then he had to come home. It has been a tough journey emotionally for me. I am very lucky in that I have never lost anyone from my family. It's a new emotion and it tears at my heart as I battle to work it all out in my head, but my head has no place in this process. My Grandma and I were not close as she lived so far away, but she lived here in Aus for a time and so I spent lots of time with her when I was little. She is me and I am her. I am told I am the image of her. I am named after her and I have been given so many gifts from her.

Training this last week.....Gazza and I checked with Kez and as she had plans for after the march, she excused us from going up to watch her, knowing that we had the last lot of training worked out for the public holiday. A 50km ride in the morning with Gazza, Roberto and the Onion Man before heading in to town and meeting the AP.10 crew for an open water swim. We headed out into smooth seas and while I watched the schools of fish beneath me in the depths of the harbour we practiced our sighting, drafting off each others feet and deep water starts etc. It was a glorious day and I felt great to be a part of such a wonderful team environment. Coach has picked people to train who are all very relaxed and have the right attitude. (his words)

The Crew, and that's me 2nd from the left.
So, that was the view as I look over my shoulder. Now as I turn and look forward. It is time to place my toe on yet another black line. The start line at Port Mac Ironman. I have that excited nervousness. My bum It's like the hackles on my back run down to my tush and the tingle I feel is the adrenalin starting. I am as ready as I can be. Packing hasn't started yet of course but visualising has. In true Sammi fashion it will be a last minute pack. But I have seen it in my minds eye so it wont be hard to pull it all together and I have my checklists.

So as I move through my week I have only a couple of thoughts....stolen captions from various places. Words and thoughts that motivate and remind me of the why.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Ironman is like fighting a gorilla.
You don't stop and give up when you get tired.

For - Keryn, Dood, Grandma, Gazza, Me....

This too shall pass. (So live and breath in the moment knowing the good times and the hard times will disappear in time)

Weeping like the rain
Whispering your name
Long to be reunified
Believe the sun will rise
When I reach the light
I will see you on the other side.........of the black line!

And so, the next blog will be a post race debrief. In the meantime though.......

I am off to pick a fight with a Gorilla!

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