Monday, April 1, 2013

Slippery railway lines and Wet Sails..........

Ironman; if you didn't know it already, let me share with you a little secret I have learned along the way. IT CAN SCREW WITH YOUR HEAD!

After I blogged that I was going to have the day off, I got up out of bed and limped around for a while, aimlessly wandering about the house with no real direction. And then as if I turned into a robot, I started prepping drink bottles and pulling the hair back into a pony tail, bike gear on and before I knew it and before the brain could actually register what I was doing and put out a thought to stop it, I was out on the road.....Little Cervelo was making it's way down the road and the legs just turned circles. 110kms later and I had to call it a day. Family time was calling and while I had fallen short of my intended 160kms, I felt happy that I had the ride done and had another chance at the 160kms on another day.

Golf game saw a fun day with the kid and her partner, Moom, Dood and big Gazza..

Score read out time.

A relaxing night with the family and a stretch and core and I am now back on track.

Sunday sees a second game of golf and a better putting game from me. Then its home, grab the dog and it's time to pound the pavement. a 2:50min walk and 17kms later and I have another box on the program ticked. Head for the river and get the 4km swim done.

Great day for a walk - I live in a special place.

Monday, D-day. Time to get the 160km ride done. Word from Coach "Get it done!" ok Coach. Up and out the door by 7am. It's a grey and wet day with a slight wind. We pick up Roberto and we head North for the bridge. We ride through puddles and rain showers but it's not too cold and I have a big jacket on, puffed up with air I feel like I have a parachute on.

At the 90km mark we are heading South again on our way to drop Roberto off at home and we ride over some railway lines. I watch as Roberto's back wheel skids on the wet lines. I ride over them safely and then behind there is a crashing sound of carbon and body as Gazza hits the road.

I look back and there is a car bearing down on him, but luckily it stops just in time. Gazza is on his feet quickly and pulls his bike with him off the railway tracks. We stop and for a moment I think he is in serious trouble as his elbow is bloody and his favourite nix are shredded at the hip. He hobbles to the side but luckily he can move his elbow and wiggle his fingers. After a few minutes he decides he can ride on and we limp home, saying goodbye to Roberto at 100kms and homeward bound. We roll in finally at 110kms and I make sure he is ok. And then, I have 3 choices.....continue on, hit the wind trainer for the last 50kms or give up for the day. The later is not an option as Coach's words "Get it done!" ring in my head. And with 2 near misses with cars and a tumble for Gazza it is very easy for me to call it and stay safe on the wind trainer. Without too much thinking I slip on my helmet and step back out into the road. With my ipod and little speakers tucked in my crop top so I can hear the beat but still hear the traffic, I start peddling North once again. Before I left home I had smashed a banana piece of raisin toast and an espresso and with renewed vigor and a determination to get it done, the legs get to work.

166kms later, 2 x hits on the Strava leader board and a negative split, coming home with a wet sail felt awesome.....BOOM!

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