Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Morning Quickie.........

I am about to hop on the scales. I have a very strong suspicion that it isn't going to be good news folks.

The diet has been way off and while I ended up with a big weekend of training, equally it was a big weekend (week long) of eating.. The chocolate fest was huge and has been for about 4 weeks now. Hmmmm

It's time for a quick reset and set some goals for this week. Before I hop on the scales so there is no going back should I just sneak in with a weight loss or on par.

Water - got to during 250mls at each meal and more during workouts and more if I remember throughout the day. I might get some berrocas or lemon just to put some flavour in the water.

Food - Stick religiously to the meal plan. I have worked out my calories and meals to the last micro nutrient. I know what to do, get it done!

No - say no for a change instead of yes yes yes! Yes is always inexplicably followed by a big dollop of guilt . So why say yes!

Stress - recognise stress and deal with it another way other than eating chocolate from the charity box. Should save a few dollars too.

Monitor - my energy levels staying on the healthy eating lifestyle. I have a feeling that I would have got up for the 160km ride after all with a better attitude if I had not have eaten so poorly.

Cold - this cold that has been sitting in the background all week and was also what kept me in bed on Saturday. Might just go away if I stick to the plan and eat healthy.

ok.....two secs while we check the scales..........

Yeah no surprises here team.

Scales are up. 62kgs. 1.2kg weight gain.

So this week is a huge week on the program. Coach has some huge sessions planned. I am sure I can reasonably get the weight back under control by eating to the plan and the training will do the rest.

I'll get back to you shortly.

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