Sunday, February 24, 2013

Goals for the Week.........

I have decided that this week I am going to write some goals down in black and white. Concrete them, put them out there in to cyber space in an attempt to keep honest and on track and accounatble to no one but me and the universe.
Diet, - Overall goal - to reach 57kgs
This weeks goal, not to stray off the diet.
  • I have written up my diet and kept the daily calories below 1200 and the protein, carb, fat percentages balanced.
  • I have shopped for all ingredients so there is no need to buy extra items accept for my daily 1 x latte on skim milk allowance.
  • I have made sure I have enough food, cals and timed meals so that I shouldn't get tired or wander off plan at any stage.
  • I have prepared all the meals so that I can grab and go.
  • Going to add water in here. To drink 250mls at each meal.
  • I have given myself a reward - small easter bunny on Sunday evening.
Program, - Overall goal - to be consistent in training
This weeks goal, to complete all aspects of the program as directed by Coach.
  • Coach has provided the plan for tomorrow and Tuesday morning. I have written the plan up in my diary.
  • I have set wake up times in order to allow enough time for each day.
  • I will set up equipment and clothes the night before so I am not delayed.
  • I wont let work or other non-related training issues take priority. Or I will plan around these if I cant avoid them.
  • I aim to write in my diary at the end of each day so that I am able to reflect on the week.
Other factors, - Overall goal, to limit and control other factors that can impact on my training.
This weeks goal, to record factors influencing training and stratiegies for overcoming them.
  • Diarise the following factors:
    • Sleep - quality of sleep (as this is always a sign of stress for me)
    • Fatigue - residual tiredness across the week
    • Body - injuries, rehab
    • Head - my attitude towards training prior to training
    • Stress - work stresses or others that impact on training
Ok, let's see how it plays out.

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  1. It's always nice to have the goals laid out like that!!! Best of luck.