Monday, February 4, 2013

Goal setting for 2013.........

Well it's February already and I realise that I haven't set any goals for 2013. Perhaps it is because I have Ironman looming or perhaps it's because I haven't had my yearly coffee catch up with Coach. But most likely it's because I have just allowed myself to tick along and not really focus on anything other then the day and what is on the plan.

So in review....last years goals looked like this:

  • Wollongong Oly Tri - March 11 - DNS - couldn't run
  • Husky L.C Tri - Feb 19 - Swim only (DNF) had to pull out as I couldn't run
  • Dextro Oly Tri - April 15 - Completed but a woeful job on the day
  • Sutho2Surf 11km run - July 22 - DNS - couldn't run
  • Harcore Adventure Race - Aug 26 - A day of fun. Did not complete the course
  • Blackmores Half Marathon - Sept 16 - DNS - couldn't run
  • Pinkies Tri - Oct 6 - 2nd place
  • Port Mac 70.3 - 8th place
I have decided that I have wasted a lot of money entering races that I have not been able to start. SO this year I am not entering til the last minute. Mind you most entries go to a good cause at least like a charity or surf club so not that bad I guess. But still the point is let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. One day at a time one step at a time.

This year so far is:
  • Husky L.C - Feb 17 - hmmm can she run 21kms again? I hope so. It would be nice to be able to complete this race. I did 2 years ago. We can do it again.
  • Ironman - May 5 - I will finish this race! But gee I would really love to be able to run the marathon.
    • My goals for Ironman:
    • Swim - If I can improve for time on the swim  that would be great but last times time was pretty fine in my books. So I would be happy with a repeat of 1:09:00.
    • Bike - I would really like to push a lot harder than what I did first time. The goal last time was to finish. This time I feel I can take 30-40mins off my time. Last time 7:10:00. This time 6:30 to 6:40 would make me a very happy camper.
    • Run - Here is the big ask! Last time 5:27:00. This time I want 4:30:00 That's an hour faster.........That's a huge ask. But to do that I need to sit on 6:30 pace for the entire race. Not undoable at this stage of my training.
    • Overall time. Last time 13:50 and change. This time under 13 hrs please.
In the meantime I need to start looking at life beyond I.M 2013. I am thinking of talking to Coach about I.M Melbourne.......and then Canada!  But with both feet back on the ground. Let's focus on winter training and strength work in the legs and all over fitness/strength. Improve running without injury. Maybe pick a duathlon series. Stay tuned..............

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