Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prattling moments......

I complain every now and again to my husband that he prattles. He talks incessantly about random things. He can string totally unrelated things together in one long dialogue and all he needs from me to be happy is the occasional 'uh huh' or 'that's nice dear' and on he goes.

Sometimes this prattling can drive me crazy and sometimes it has saved me from myself. A long hard run or ride can be saved from the pain when he starts prattling. Running pass people's houses can lead to comments about gardens, plant choice, colour of houses to where would you like to retire to when we finally decide we are too old for triathlon anymore and so it goes on....

So, here is my prattle for today. As that seems to be where my mind is at.

Damn I.T.B not allowed to run again as it is too sore. I should just bite the bullet and hack the bone. In other words let's get the I.T.B release surgery so that we can run. Clocks ticking and I am running out of time, age wise. Geez I am getting old. Check out those old photos of me 10 years ago though, I was soooo fat. Gee I have come along way. Shame I am now so much fitter, slimmer but older I think I look better than what I did 10 years ago. I certainly can run circles around my old self....if I could run. I am soo pissed at the moment cause Coach said no ride today. The girls will be at the turn around point and I am stuck on the ground. I will do a core work out at least. I need to do more work in the gym. My month long challenge (Thanks Kirk) is to get in the gym more and strengthen all over, particularly core. If I work on core at least I can be doing something productive and positive towards rehabbing this itb. I'm hungry what's for breakfast? I gotta eat cleaner. This eating chocolate is outta control and you know it is Sammi. You should set a weekly challenge to get it right. Hell you're that bad at the moment you need a daily challenge. Ha, the diet isn't that bad but if you want to lose that couple of kilos and trim up those legs more you need to get stricter on the diet. I hate my elbows. What is with elbows? It's like God took left over scrotum skin and decided as a laugh he would stick it on elbows. I hate my elbows and the back of my arms. I have large triceps and the "Fadoobada" to go with it. You know that flabby stuff. Well, get the in to the gym and get going on that. Where are we going to fit this damn treadmill? There is no room left in the gym (single car garage converted to a gym) it will have to go into the spare bedroom. Yeah that will be sexy. Oh well, it's the only option for now. I wonder if that treadmill sold on eBay last night? I'll put a bid on it I think. My hair needs a cut. It's long and the chlorine at the pool is raging war on the ends. Maybe I will go up to A-Mart and check out the treadmills there and get my hair cut. hmmm after breakfast, I'm hungry. You gotta clean up your diet arghhhhhhhhhhh I'm prattling!

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  1. That would totally bring me out of a long run/ride mental funk! I do the same though, especially on said long runs/rides. My mind goes everywhere!

    And you're welcome for the monthly, weekly, and daily challenges!