Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding my new MOTIVATION!

I stumbled across this clip on F.B this morning and found the motivation I needed for this week and possibly I believe, it may hold me for some time to come. It rings bells for me when in my previous post I talked about mentally prepping for races and training sessions.


This afternoon was an open water swim. Usually the girls in the group stay inside the relative safety and enclosed water of the harbour rock walls. When I rolled up to squeeze into my new Huub Wetsuit I discovered only 4 guys and me and Megsy and Hooly Dooly. The 2 girls decided that they would stay inside while Coach turned to me and said "come one Sammi" I had had such a stressful day at work, I had been flat out the entire day and I had rushed to make it to the training session and so I hadn't really had a lot of time to mentally prepare for the swim let alone head out into open seas. But I had watched this clip earlier in the morning and the effect it had on me had created an aura that clung to me all day like a protective cloak that was inpentrable. So when Coach said jump. I was ready. I launched in to the training with rigour and commitment. So vastly different from Sunday's race swim. I'm proud of myself tonight for setting aside the stresses of the day and stepping up to the task.

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