Monday, March 4, 2013

No Chocolate For YOU!...My Week in Review

It seems, I guess like most, that when you set yourself some goals you start off with all the best intentions, strong, firm in your conviction, energised to meet your goals and then........shit happens! And it does, that's just the way it is. So, one needs to pick up their game start a fresh and carry on. Don't they Sammi! Ok, I may be being a bit harsh on myself, I did record my stats and on the whole the numbers were good. Sleep good, tick, body improving, tick, head (attitude towards training) good, tick...But here we are.....Monday morning and after a woeful night sleep of approximately 4 hours, I'm ready to try again. Meals are set and prepped, plan is the transparent day by day one while we aim for upgrades and the checking in on the rest of Sammi as a whole is in place once more. AND!!!! Just to add some extra's 8.6 weeks to IRONMAN 2013!

I'm off to do a weigh-in. Back in a second. Brace yourself, there might be tears!

Ok, I'm back. You want the good news or the bad news? I guess the good news is that I remained the same weight so no backward step. After a week of high stress, missed meals, replaced meals with crap food, missed sessions due to work and late nights working etc I have not gained any weight. The bad news....I haven't lost any weight. But I can live with that. 60.9 is way better than where I was prior to last Ironman.

My focus is more on getting the work done. My plan this week past was a day by day affair. I get a days work to do from Coach, I then feed back to him how the itb (knee) held up and then he sets the next day based on that. The awesome news is that it is definitely getting better everyday. The crap news is that I didn't get all of the sessions done. Work had me travelling 100kms away from home and this ate into my own time and so I missed the open water swim. Maybe not such a bad thing in the end as the weather has been horrible. Wind, rain and high seas means the water quality is terrible at the moment. No sense getting sick. Silver lining moment here ;)

Here's to another week of commitment. Trying  to eat clean and healthy, sticking to the plan from Coach and getting the work done. I just hope this week there is some work to do. I really don't feel like I am getting much done. Though last Saturday I got permission to hit the bike again. 3 hours is definitely a step in the right direction. Like Coach said, "it" is all still there we just need to scrap back some of the dust that has gathered over the past 3 weeks while the knee had a chance to recover.

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