Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Early Morning Goal Setting.............

Well, its the last day of the year. And it's the last early morning too. Can't sleep due to a tight back from Saturdays long ride, I think. I'm such a Rookie. So, its as good a time as any to write up my goals for 2014. And here they are:

2014 Goals - Going in Hard This Year

01. Clean up the diet.

  • To get off the sugar, once and for all
  • Stay on a healthy, clean and realistic (athlete's diet)
  • Write it up - it helps me stay on track, focus, plan and prep better
02. Stay true to the Program.
  • Find some consistency
  • Get up in the mornings and just Fucking DO IT!
  • Finish work and just Fucking DO IT!
  • Keep writing up the program each Sunday and set my mind right
  • Keep recording in my diary, it keeps me focused
03. Talk more to Coach~Push in.
  • I am one of 12 athletes in his stable, stand out from the crowd
  • Be honest, truthful, clear, thoughtful, consistent
  • Try my hardest at each session
04. Strength Work.
  • Set a program for strength training (overall)
  • Go to the gym regularly 3-4 times per week
  • Do more core work
  • Stretch religiously
  • Always do the 1/4 squats and Clams before a set
 05. Racing.
  • Olympic World Championship qualifiers for 2015
  • Ironman 2015 ~ either, Melbourne 2016 or Busselton 2015
  • Elite Energy series - Olympic 2014
  • Push harder, no excuses of it's just for fun, you know what you have to do!
06. Iliotibial Band.
  • That bastard goes again and we are hacking the bone!
  • All goals fall aside til after the op
  • Keep doing strength work, clams and squats
  • Plan an op in the winter if it continues to niggle throughout the summer
07. Mind and Attitude.
  • Stay focused by staying true to the goals
  • Remember to have fun
  • Rest and recover when needed
  • Make it a lifestyle choice, an obsession rather than a chore~you chose it, remember!
  • Enjoy racing - be serious about racing and be competitive 
  • No more i-pad in the mornings
08. Weight.
  • Get to race weight and Fucking stay there!
  • No more self sabotage
  • See myself beyond a figure on a scale
  • Don't make excuses for my actions and choices
  • Be consistent, organised and prepared
09. Swim
  • Keep the nippers off your heels and become a hunter
  • Do the swim exercises religiously - fit it in!
  • Find a way to keep swimming through winter - Kiama is open again
10. Bike
  • Ride the hills, hills, hills
  • Push harder during races
  • Catch up to where you left off
  • Ride with the boys more
11. Run
  • Work hard, if it blows we will cut it
  • Do more flat work, drills and intervals
  • Do more trail work for strength
  • Get back to Wednesday morning runs
And now I'm off to bed.

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