Sunday, December 1, 2013

Please remain seated...........

until the ride comes to a complete stop before disembarking.
We thank you for your cooperation.

I went out for a brief ride yesterday on the road in my street and a run this morning for 8kms. The world has finally stopped spinning from the Vertigo. Still a bit spinny at times when I'm lying in bed, but at least I can look over my shoulder, look down and up again and not have to hold on to something solid to stop me from careening off kilter. What a horrible few weeks it has been. Still, I have not had any nausea with it so that is at least one good thing. In the meantime, the treadmill has been getting a good work out and so has the wind trainer. Pool swims and ocean swims continue to be ok. However, I got held up at work last Thursday night and missed the harbour swim. Nuts! I hate how work gets in the way of my Pro Triathlete career......

Hopefully, life can return to normal again now and I can get moving forward. Other good news is the knee/ITB continues to stay steady and is not giving me any burning or crankiness. I have clammed my little heart out, but I know this is something I just need to keep on going with. Such is life.

Time to book in for treatment session this week and maybe catch up with Coach about reviewing my strength program. Time for a change up and hopefully more positive improvements.

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