Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013, hello huge training weekend........

So as the year draws to a close blah blah blah........

It has been an interesting year. Ironman number 2, tick. Seems so long ago now. A cold winter with hard sessions and too many roll overs. Too much weight packed back on and a wonderful holiday with friends and Gazza in Canada/Hawaii. A loss of focus lead to a runaway triathlete. Vertigo meant a bench seat for 10 weeks and the itb continued to be its cranky ol self, though the grumblings seemed less frequent. Time marches on and distance seems to have made a difference, there is a coldness now that has settled and I am content. Many new friends and faces to challenge me going forward. Some nipping at my heels, some I need to chase down, exciting and all keeping me honest and focused. 

With the last weekend of the year came a huge opportunity for a massive training weekend. Coach talked me into joining the girls for a ride. I was worried as I had only been doing the 2 hour spin sessions he had set me for 10 weeks due to the Vertigo. He said do 90kms and turn back on my own, while the rest of the girls did 'The Loop' 110kms. We headed out and the legs were good. I made it up Bald hill (1km @ 14%). The pace was comfortable and when I reached the turn around point for me, I decided to continue on. I was worried Coach would be cranky, but I felt strong and more importantly, my head, for the first time in months, was in the right place. I knew it would be good for me, my attitude, my confidence and the list goes on, to enjoy the girls company and do The Loop. And I did. We came home comfortably and safely, the fat lady started singing about 5kms out and I was very happy. Ready to go again. Look out 2014.

The next day was an open water swim. A huge crowd had gathered when Gazza and I rolled in. Some huge names in the mix too. I opted for an in-harbour warm up, while Skip, Bangers and Lil Dog went out side the harbour into huge surf. My left shoulder felt tired after some big sets in the pool during the week and I wanted to have a happy session. So we warmed up and then set into the swim. It's a very inspiring feeling being in this group. It makes you want to achieve more and lift your game.

Me, on the left and the rest of the AP.10 Crew - good times!
After the swim we headed North to Audley. Having ridden through here only the day before, it was nice to stop and set up a picnic under the trees. But first it was a run. Well, for me, it was a forced march. I set off but I could feel the itb was cranky, and I had pushed it doing the extra kms on the bike. So I erred on the side of caution (something I am going to have to stop doing in 2014) and walked with the Doctor. 9.5kms later and a hearty conversation it was time to relax, enjoy a moment with the Crew and reflect. It's been a good year. Not all that I had hoped for, but a Good Year!

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