Sunday, January 5, 2014

And now for something completely different..........

A fantastic adventure, liloing in the Blue Mountains with Big Gazza, Wishy, Wishtin, Lil and Sal my Gal.

The planets had to align to get this one off the ground and when they did line up, it was amazing. 

We headed for the Bluies in the rain and fog. It wouldn't stop the day, but it wouldn't be as pretty and you need a bit of sun for warmth when you're in water all day. But when we finally arrived at our parking spot the blue sky was peaking through the clouds, and by the time we started to hike, the summer sun was warm and the smiles were wide.
Me, Sal my Gal, Wish, Lil, Big Gazza & Wishtin (crouching)
We took some time finding the trail head as the bush fires that hit the area in October had taken its toll and the terrain looked so different. We eventually got going and followed a ridge down to where we needed to repel into the canyon. The look on my nieces faces as they eyed off the knotted rope and realised they were going to climb down, no harness, priceless! and they did it with confidence and ease.

Me descending into the canyon
Once in the canyon we quickly blew up the lilos and pulled on the wetsuits. A quick mars bar for energy and we were off floating down the creek. They loved it. It was a long hike through so many different types of settings. Long slot canyons, sandy river beds, pebbly bottom, tree covered waterlines that you needed to bushwack through, huge logs and rocks that needed to be launched off from height and finally large boulder scrambling. It was a taster for canyoning and the girls handled it amazingly. 

Lots of laughs and quality time and a hard hike out and we were done. Good times and fantastic memories.

Getting ready to launch off the log

Mexican stand-off

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